Kauai Coffee Single-Serve Pods- 12 Ct.

Kauai Coffee Single-Serve Pods- 12 Ct.

I purchased these from here in the past (woot off) and they do not fit in the k-cup, the rim is too wide so it doesn’t close properly on my machine. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to taste it to comment on that.

They fit fine in my Keurig (it’s a K500, I think?). I bought the Kona Blend Dark Roast - and found the flavor to be a bit weak for a dark roast on the 10oz setting, but on 8oz it’s an ok cup. I have not tried the Na Pali Coast version.

You do have to consume fast, because the eco-pods are not individually vacuum sealed like the OG ones.

I finished the box, but probably won’t reorder unless it’s a ridiculously good price.


It WAS the Na Pali Coast version that I bought here on Woot (checked my order history).

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