Kazmer & Blaise Mixed (3)

Kazmer & Blaise Carneros Mixed 3-Pack
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$89.99 $175.00 49% off List Price2009 Chardonnay, Boon Fly’s Hill, Carneros, Napa
2010 Chardonnay, Boon Fly’s Hill, Carneros, Napa
2006 Pinot Noir, Primo’s Hill, Carneros, Napa
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My wife and I had the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic 2006 Kazmer & Blaize Primo’s Hill Pinot last week. A quick note: when the bottle was delivered to my work, a coworker saw it and commented on the stylish/minimalist label as fantastically designed. She was right—it’s a great looking bottle. Now to my notes from the actual wine:

PNP at just above cellar temp:
Appearance: The wine is clear and free of sediment. The color is medium depth, between garnet and brick red. Based on the visual appearance, I thought the pinot was going to taste quite old. I was pleasantly surprised.

Nose: The nose is fantastic. After a swirl, I noted nice tart red fruits, baking spices, and something that reminded of horseradish (in a good way). My wife commented on the baking spices, too, pinning it to a more specific clove-like scent.

Taste: The taste is dry, with nice acidity. The wine is well-balanced. The initial taste is of tart red fruits like raspberries and underripe cherries. The baking spices on the nose are more subtle, replaced by a cola taste. There is some nice dust/leather on the finish.

After a few hours:
Nose: After a few hours open, the nose has developed a bit. The horseradish smell has subsided and has been replaced by even more of the baking spice smell. Those spices have integrated with the red fruit flavors.

Taste: After a few hours, the cola taste subsided a bit. The dominant tastes remain tart red fruits, leather, and spices.

Overall: As a 2006 SV pinot from Carneros, I was worried that this wine would be a bit over the (Primo’s) hill. It was not. This is a fantastic bottle of wine, that has aged very gracefully and appears to have a lot of life left. For those of you that have had Clark Smith’s 2005 Fiddlestix Pinot that’s been previously offered, I would favorably compare this to that bottle, which was a crowd favorite at a dinner I had with friends in 2014.

I hope there are some notes on the chards offered alongside this. If it were just the pinot, I definitely would have been in for at least one.

Thanks for the tasting notes. Compares favorably to Clark’s Fiddlestix Pinot? That is high praise indeed. If anyone is feeling benevolent and would like to help Clark bottle his next batch of wines (and obtain licensing so that he can sell those wines on wine.woot) please follow this link.


2010 Chardonnay

Opened up this wine along with the 09’.
First thing of note is the bottle itself, very nondescript label which carries a simply rustic elegance to it. The glass is thick which typically is used for pricier bottling’s. I am flying into this tasting completely blind having not heard of the winery or seen the label before anywhere.

The color is a medium depth and somewhere between straw yellow and gold, the wine is clear and free of sediment and any haziness.
The nose is quite strong and I was expecting some age in it but it really showed quite young still with the predominate note being green apple and wood. There was also some lemon and a spice component in the background that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. As it warmed the woodsy note diminished and the fruit came out a bit more. I compared the nose in both a bdx style glass and and an over sized burg. glass and felt the burg glass really brought out the nose.

On the palate this wine is dry, medium bodied has good acidity that I would not quite call crisp but very close. The tannins are low and soft and there was no noticeable alcohol and the wine felt incredibly well balanced. No component seemed to be too heavy and there were no real flaws in the wine that I noticed. The same notes from the nose carried though into the palate as well.

My overall impressions is that this is a slam dunk all the way. The color is gorgeous, the wine is incredibly smooth and balanced. And last but not least its completely delicious. Among four tasters it was really enjoyed by all and I had to hide the bottle away so there would be a little left to revisit later in the evening to see if there was any development. My revisit to it didn’t bring any additional notes. My feeling on the serving temp is that it is best about 20-30 minutes from fridge temp.

Highly recommended.

2009 Chardonnay

The color is a medium depth, straw yellow, the wine is clear and free of sediment and any haziness.
The nose is quite strong and does show some age, the predominate note is oak and then tart lemon and lime. Like the 2010 I let it warm up quite a bit before making any conclusions but found that it didn’t really improve as it warmed.

On the palate this wine is dry, light/medium bodied has good acidity that I would not quite call crisp but very close. The tannins are low and soft and there was no noticeable alcohol and the wine didn’t feel as well balanced as the 2010 did. The oak seemed to be too heavy and fruit too tart and there were no real other flaws in the wine that I noticed. The same notes from the nose carried though into the palate as well.

My overall impression is that this wine is only a year older than the 2010 but it shows very different right now. Maybe its transitioning into a more mature wine and the fruit is dropping out and its left with some fruit components and quite a bit of oak. Whatever place the wine is in its simply not as good as the 2010 today. That said everyone still enjoyed it and the wine was completely consumed and I feel it would have shown better with food.


oh and the bottles in the offer picture do not match what is for sale.

I have no experience with this winemaker but after reading the specs on both the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, I jumped. Glad I did based on those who have tasted this as noted above. Looking forward to this.

Have you had any of Clark’s “Faux Chablis”? Wondering if these Chards also compare favorably.

Small states list for this offer but the aged vintages being offered almost demand tasting notes so I’m happy to see them here and impressive notes they are!

“Crafted by famed winemaker Michael Terrien, former winemaker at esteemed Hanzell Vineyards.”
I’m now interested in learning more about this winemaker…

Here are kyles notes on the 06’ Pinot Noir that I am posting because he is not online this evening.

I have never had a clark smith wine aside from a taster at tytigers. And that was a Cab franc.

Still dream of being a wine snob. If I could only give up on the beer.

Disappointed, the ad photo shows a 2006 & 2007 Pinot + a chard, only to find out it’s actually two chards and the 2006 Pinot?

[MOD: Fixed.]

I wonder if those bottles will eventually show up, perhaps in a different sale? I tasted the '06 Pinot (very nice) and the '08 Chard (ok).

The first step is the hardest.

The style is different than Clark’s wines, but both are outstanding.

Morning. We’re working on the photos. Features are correct.


Nice notes guys, keep it up.
But, given the notes, can the pH spec on the PN be correct?

*2006 Pinot Noir, Primo’s Hill, Carneros, Napa 750ml

Cases Produced: 249
Alcohol: 14.2%
**pH: 6.0**
TA: 5.2g/L*

[MOD: Yep, typo. Should be 3.6.]


I had the opportunity to taste the 2007 Pinot Noir. Here are my notes:Initially the temperature was very cool. Menthol and licorice, oak and tobacco on the nose with a slight alcohol burn.
Color: brick red
taste:strawberry, violet, some tannins(well balanced), a little hot, good acidity.
Initial impression is this pinot falls in the $40-$50 range. Very complex nose.

Half an hour later, and some warming up I detect dark fruits/jam and chocolate nose. Maybe even a leather or coffee undertone(I can’t decide which). Alcohol has blown off completely.
taste: more cherry cola and berry, and the oak is very apparent. There is a vegetal undertone, like chewing on a leaf or piece of grass. There is still a soft tannin profile. Overall, a little heavier than I expect for a pinot, but not chewy. The finish is a lingering floral taste

very nice

[MOD: Note that this wine is not included in this offer.]

Did you really try an 07’? The Pinot for sale here today is an 06’.

Based on the picture screw up and the 07’ Pinot being in the incorrect photos I would guess we have another mixed offer coming at some point.

I don’t see how that’s possible. Even if the PH and TA numbers were switched it wouldn’t be possible. Looks like an error…