Keating Wines Three - Pack

Keating Wines Three - Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
1 2006 Keating Rockpile Malbec
1 2007 Keating Rockpile Petite Sirah
1 2008 Keating Sonoma Valley Merlot
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What’s typical of a Malbec?

Ah, 2008 and Sonoma Valley. I loved the conversation on the Blue Jay Pinot Noir regarding smoke taint, what’s the story with this Merlot? Were these grapes unaffected or were methods taken to sequester the smokiness?

In for 2 (for the PS and Malbec). Ready and available to rat the PS especially :slight_smile:

Mmmmmm, Rockpile. Great little appellation out in the boonies, especially if you like big wines.

I love PS from rockpile – so dark and rich and delicious. The Rosenblum Rockpile Reserve PS is one of my favorites. Damn you, WD, I’m supposed to be not buying.


WD, a question, please. I got my birthday coupon in time for my birthday and Woot birthday (on the same day last month!) one day after a death in the family. For some reason I wasn’t really thinking about using it, though under the circumstances I should have bought every wine available.

May I please oh please use it now?


Hi Koneco,
Malbec is one of the five traditional Bordeaux varieties and has similar characteristics to a Cabernet Sauvignon, but a bit brighter in flavor, similar acid structure, and somewhat lighter in body. Think of either a heavy Merlot or a light Cab.
My 2006 Rockpile Malbec fits that description, although it is closer to a Cab in my opinion. Beautiful flavors and a long, dry finish with ample tannins that make this a very good pairing wine with grilled meats.

Smoke taint was never a threat in most parts of Sonoma County (namely Sonoma Valley, SE corner). Sonoma Coast picked it up slightly in some areas, Mendocino county was hit the hardest (I believe the Blue Jay Pinot Noir is in Anderson Valley of Mendocino County.)
There is not a trace in this wine as the fires were never near Glen Ellen.
Although, there is a pleasant touch of cigar box spice from the barrels!

I look forward to hearing your review of the Petite Sirah, especially considering your username.

Cesare… that Facebook page is not updated very frequently because the format was a little awkward.
This is a better Facebook Fanpage

Welcome Eric Keating! Keating wines on Twitter

So, these are not fruit bombs, then? Tannins, structure? Can you lay 'em down? Or will they just lay you down after one drinking!?

Funny you brought that up again…that Blujay had some brushfire smokiness to it but I just can’t seem to get enough of it??


The Roessler winery guy claimed that smokiness was from the oak… you didn’t buy that? Anyway, their filtering seems to have worked given everyone loves it almost as much as the 07. Waiting to try mine when I get back to CA.

I try to find a balance between heavy fruit and nice acid & tannin structure. I don’t believe my wines will ever become “fruit-bombs” as I make sure and harvest before the fruit becomes overripe (which results in a porty, sweet taste that some people love, but I am not particularly fond of).
The alcohol levels of the Rockpile wines are:
Petite Sirah- 14.3%
Malbec- 14.5%
Pretty mild considering the climate.

As far as laying them down, the Petite Sirah will go very long. It is a dark, big wine with healthy tannins. My estimated optimal window on that wine is 2014-2018 (with potential to go longer). Shave off a couple of years for the Malbec.

They are still approachable now, but I would recommend simply decanting the wine for a bit.

Holy God this is a good deal. $105 for these three before shipping, and shipping is around $27. The PS is $38 normally, the Merlot $25, and the Malbec $42. 58% off.


Crap. I was hoping to put Blue Jay out my mind for a while so that I hold on to most the '08 bottles for a good while. If everyone else is opening some of theirs already I might sneak one out.

I don’t want to be rude talking too much about Roessler on Keating’s first Woot appearance though, so back to it!

Great, thanks! I hoped as much. Are the Merlot (you didn’t really talk about the Merlot!) and Malbec - both being lighter more approachable for drinking now then? And do your Bordeaux leanings lend something to the making of these wines?

Re climate, yes the alcohol looks pretty reasonable for a CA wine indeed. What is the climate like for you? Rockpile seems like pretty cool mountains rather than a hot valley acc to the data from the rockpile association gcdyersb posted above. I am frequently wrong, but I’d gathered that high alcohol levels in wines tended to come from hotter regions (like UCDavis scale III).
Sonoma Coast may be warmer, of course.

Average Temperature: 10-15º cooler than Dry Creek Valley
Average rainfall: 50-73"
Wind Influence: Constant breezes of 3-5 mph; more commonly, the onshore flow feeds the area with sustained gusts of 10-15 mph.

You’re welcome, Richard.
Rockpile is an interesting AVA. The reason red wines flourish there and alcohol levels can get high is because of the constant sun exposure (800’ above Lake Sonoma is the minimum because that is the natural fogline) and dry, rocky soils. What counteracts this is the slightly cooler temperatures than the neighboring Dry Creek Valley. I love to mention that is is about 10-15 degrees cooler on average… thanks for pointing that out. Moreover, this slight coastal influence that cascades over the mountains not only cools the area slightly, but maintains a light, consistent breeze (to help avoid any threat of rot). It really is an ideal place to grow fruit if you (a) watch it closely, and (b) don’t mind walking up and down those steep, rocky slopes!