Keculbo Digital Camera Kit

Keculbo Digital Camera Kit

Not sure coming with an SD card and batteries counts as a “kit”.

HD Screen Compact Portable Mini Cameras for Students, Teens, Kids

Well, there’s yer problem right there.

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Pack of unqualified hype.

48 MP [via interpolation] Probably an 8 MP camera at best.

16x “Powerful” Zoom [digital zoom] No real zoom - just cropping- 100% lie.

Autofocus [Probably not] Last time I looked, these cameras (under many names) are just fixed focus box cameras.

NO “flash” [It’s a bright LED, which is OK, but limited, and needs no high voltage circuits.]

Gross exaggeration of features.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with one and I enjoy the “LOMO” like look these sometimes produce. But these are at best a snapshot camera like the old 126 film Instamatics.

You can do better with a brand name you’ve heard of and much better perfectly fine used digitals are all over the place.