Keen One Quinoa Cup Sampler (12)

Keen One Quinoa Cups 12-Pack Sampler
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
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List Price: $56.00 (Includes Shipping)
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(2) - Keen One Pesto Pasta Quinoa Cup, 2.5 oz
(2) - Keen One Jamaican Jerk Quinoa Cup, 2.5 oz
(2) - Keen One Harisa Red Pepper Quinoa Cup, 2.5 oz
(2) - Keen One Garden Medley Quinoa Cup, 2.5 oz
(2) - Keen One Edamame Sushi Quinoa Cup, 2.5 oz
(2) - Keen One Chipotle Quinoa Cup, 2.5 oz

Ya, gotta love the added hemp. Just in time for false positives on your drug test. Good luck with ‘splainin’ that. Woot really needs to emphasize “exotic” additives in what they sell to ensure their customers don’t imperil their jobs. Poppy and hemp extracts are just two of the potential traps you have laid for us in recent weeks. Be proactive Woot, before you are hit with a lawsuit.

One would have to consume it twice a day for 4-5 days or more in order for a false positive to occur on a DT. If you only consume it one or twice a week, you will never pop a false positive.

Source: A positive cannabinoids workplace drug test following the ingestion of commercially available hemp seed oil - PubMed

But what an excuse this would make, eh?

How easy are these to prepare? and are they good?

Very Easy! Just add water, microwave for 2 1/2 minutes and let stand a few minutes to cool and absorb or just add boiling water directly into the cup, cover and let stand 7 minutes…

The amount of hemp hearts in our cups and most food products have zero chance of absorbing any amount of THC that will cause a failed drug test, “feeling high” or any psychoactive properties. This is a common misnomer. The plants for industrial organic food grade hemp and the recreational / medicinal hemp are Very different! Here is a link from a recent media source that goes into more detail…Here's Why Edible Hemp Will Never Get You High | HuffPost Life

Hope you try them out!

thanks for the clarification! These are tasty.

Oh and quote tasty!!.. we may be a little bias but yeah, they are delicious and have gotten amazing feedback so far about the unique and spot on flavor profiles!!

Well Keen does make pretty great sandals so I guess I’ll give it a shot.

These better be better than those nasty protein chips!