Keen One Quinoa Cups, 12 Pack

Keen One Quinoa Cups, 12 Pack

Quinoa and Hemp - woo hoo, lets blow our drug tests. Time for a vacay!!

Y’all need to get more Kosher items here

Something about us being the minority of Wooters in general, the amount of us who’d actually purchase any give Kosher item, and the fact that any product is, or could be, more expensive. :slightly_frowning_face:


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psst. the idea that quinoa popularity has hurt those in countries where it is grown is pretty much a myth…

… "They split the households into three groups: those who grow and eat quinoa, those who eat it but do not grow it, and those who neither grow nor eat quinoa. All three showed a clear rise in their welfare — measured as the total value of goods consumed — as the price of quinoa rose. That reflects increasing living standards in Peru. But at the height of the boom, the welfare of quinoa growers increased more rapidly than that of the other two groups.

As for people who eat but don’t grow quinoa? They are roughly twice as well-off as those who grow it. The amount they bought dropped slightly, but not much. They could still afford it, even at the height of the boom.

The working paper does not mince words: “The claim that rising quinoa prices were hurting those who had traditionally produced and consumed it [is] patently false.”

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What about avocado? Is the same true there? I would imagine that this happened in ONE industry and now it is a meme for anything grown in a banana republic or 3rd world country… I just think the image is kinda funny. Look mom, it’s Woke Smurf!

it is kinda funny - but I dislike memes that sacrifice truth for humor.

As far as Avocados go, I know the price has increased 10fold over the past decade, but I don’t have any info on how it affects those in producing countries. But I do know it is a water guzzling crop and has contributed to deforestation.

I get a kick out of things that people do to “save the world” but then you have scholars that make a case against them. Sometimes doing something is worse than doing nothing.
There was a great article by a Oregon State prof that laid out that plastic is actually better than cotton totes. He discussed the production of organic materials and all the secondary waste vs the plastic just being a by-product of another process. He also covered e-readers vs books and cotton vs plastic diapers. It was a fun article. I can’t seem to find it now. I miss the old google… lol

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Well said Brrman…and I’ve personally been down to Bolivia to seek out truth here about our supply chain… The bottom line is that there was some areas of Peru in 2013-14 where the increase did have this affect that brrman speaks of…however, in our producing areas of the Alti-Plano this was a myth to say the least and we actually helped sale surplus’ of quinoa that did not hit certain size specs that were needed to hit most import
specifications…and although not currently blessed by a Rabi, all of our organic plant based ingredients are processed and cleaned in a way that hits all Rabitical law. We are hoping to have the symbol to ease this concern for those whom eat Kosher. All Organic and Plant based Vegan meals generally hit this quality by the nature of the SOPs and quality assurance measures that have to be in place. Hope everyone enjoys our products!

(Without going into too much detail so that those who don’t eat Kosher could follow along if they so choose.)

Of course, it would also matter for some about which organization you use for the Rabbinical certification.

If/when you get the certification, and there is a new sale with pictures and more detail, I will surely consider recommending this to people I know who eat quinoa. :slight_smile: