Keep Dad At Home

Wow, I used to have a bottle cutter thing too. When I was a cub scout.

Warning: don’t wash the Corona glasses in the dishwasher. I did with one of mine and the half the printing came off.

Those Grey Goose “rocks” glasses and tumblers are kinda cool — except, again, Woot’s pricing blows chunks. Seem 'em in a number of places for lots less…, for instance, sells 'em in lots of 4 for $44.99 regularly, and puts 'em on sale for substantially less at times…and charges a buck less ($3.99) for shipping, which means that 4 will cost you $10 less ($48.98 vs. $58.98)…"grey+goose"

WooHoo!! A silver Tom Servo head!! My life is complete now…

Whoa! This Grey Goose stuff is eff’ing expensive!!!

15.00$ at the Blue Marble web site. Damn woot, you’re supposed to offer DEALs !!!

If you’re talking about the Champagne flute, it’s for 1 on their site even though the picture shows 2. We confirmed.

Hi there! Actually on our website our Grey Goose Champagne Flute is $15 for one, so Woot is a deal for $24.99 for 2! Thank you!

We are so sorry you feel this way but can assure you there is a LOT that goes on in the hand creation of these awesome drinking glasses…:). We collect over 15,000+ bottles from the Las Vegas casinos each month. Those bottles as you can imagine come pretty darn ‘nasty’ to us (think all of those raging parties at each hotel and what must be in their trash…:). The bottles are then cleaned, sanitized and sorted per color, size & brand and that is BEFORE these precious beauties even get cut! We have a supped up DIY version of cutting these bottles but unfortunately it is an extremely labor intensive process. Upcycling has a premium price for sure but we hope that by getting a glimpse into the back-end of our process you see how special these awesome glasses are! Thanks so much for your feedback… Cheers…:slight_smile:

Agreed! The Corona’s are done with a little different silk screening process than the Grey Goose. We have been putting our Grey Goose glasses in the dishwasher for years and they are good but sometimes the Corona glasses do rub off, so best not to chance it! Thanks…:slight_smile:

yeah I was thinking that myself…
Armour Bottle & Jar Cutter Kit
let dad sit at home and make glasses from his collection…

Godinger 1958 Vintage Gas Pump Clear Liquor Dispenser.


Mine is apparently being handcrafted by blind Tibetan left-handed orphans, residing in Wales U.K., with each interlocking piece carved from a wheat stalk.