Keep Driving

Honey, do you think they have a continental breakfast?

I love this. It’s like Zombieland meets Psycho.

I love the glowing effect here that is going on with the signs. It almost makes me feel like the shirt is plugged in somewhere.

I love how the only lights left on the sign spell “zombie.”

I would have bought it if not for the “BRAIIIIIINS!” sign. The rest is great, but that makes it too goofy for me.

I love the retro look to the motel.

I love it.

It does need three wolves howling at the sign, though.


You can check out anytime you like. But you can never leave.

I think we could keep going… sure the tires are flat and we’re near the E on gas, and we hit that deer awhile back(at least I hope it was a deer) but I really feel like this isn’t the right place to stop.

Hell, let’s just camp on the side of road.

Now who wants to split up to find wood?

This shirt will be my go-to reason for not staying at Zimmerdale Old Bridge Hotel anymore. That and the room service menu

how did the bloody handprints get all the way up on the sign? They must have ate Popeyes brains to jump up there.

Nice execution on the creepy scene.

I work there, it is a wonderful place.

Wow… that looks like a lot more than 6 colors. Must be a lot of half tones and other things. Which is unfortunate because in the final product it won’t look nearly as crisp as the mock up.

Just saying, buyer be warned about that. I’ve had issues with what I thought it would look like and what I got before.

Not that it was that bad, since woot shirts are still boss shirt, boss.

Come in for our annual Night of the Living Dead special.

This looks so good. I’ll buy tomorrow if it isn’t “Sold Out” :wink:

hoping this is the precursor to the hopeful Derby winner “zombie bait”!!! fingers crossed

Ohhh… so near and yet so far. Flip the moon around so the sliver’s on the other side, and it would look like it will on Halloween this year!

I hope they have a clean bathroom!

The more I look at this, the more I get a demented “In and Out Burger” logo sign feel.

Any one else seeing that?