Keep Driving

“Well, for starters, Robert and Alice Zimmerdale were two of the kindest, gentlest people this town has ever know,”

know or known?

WHAT?!? Does this have glow in the dark paint involved?? Surely, that would be prominently mentioned in such a way that even my bleary, zombified eyes couldn’t have missed!

Bummer! No glow paint. :frowning:

now THIS, i would wear on a hoodie, wonder what the chances are.

Well, one of them had to climb up there to change the sign. Too bad for the zombie horde – they just wanted to run a nice motel, but then those uninfected humans had to come along and steal the ladder and try to kill everyone. Sad day at the Zimmerdale Old Bridge Motel (now under new management)…

For those of you who haven’t taken a look yet, go read the write-up for today’s shirt. Be sure to follow the links too. There’s actually a minor bit of continuity going on between this shirt’s write up and the shirt write-ups that are linked to.

Fun stuff! And thanks to the staff member who has done these.

Well, there goes my vow to not buy anything off Woot for the rest of the week.

Picasa had a hard time removing the red eye from this image.

I just hope it’s a view from a rear view mirror. Nicely done. Not for me, but glad to have seen the shirt so I can skip the movie.

If this is Zimmerdale, Kansas, I would definitely keep driving.

Huzzah! What better time than a blustery October night for another tale from West Boo-Foo? These are some of my favorite write-ups. I wonder, does the narrator have a name?

what the, glow-in-the-dark blood? what kind of wonky zombie apocalypse is this.

and how did they put the letters up on the sign??? could’ve sworn zombies can’t climb…

(I do love the creepy effect and how the sky looks, although the glowy eyes makes me think more robot zombies than normal zombies >.>)

Cool shirt. In for one.

I live in a town called Old Bridge, I should buy this on that reason alone.

Their accent is just lovely, saying Braiiiiiins instead of Braaaaaains!

nice!~ i didn’t catch that. good eye.

I thought the same thing at first, but then I realized it’s obvious someone tried to climb the sign to run away from the zombies.

What??? Then you don’t GET IT!?? :slight_smile: In for 1!

…And just like a good and proper zombie movie, there isn’t a for-certain cause of the outbreak. :smiley:
Love this. It’s zombie aficionado’s delight.

I remember this design! Glad to see it finally get printed.

Great mood evoked by the lighting Spiritgreen. I’d like to see what you can do with a couple of lamps and a throw rug. Certainly am impressed with the level of finish you brought to this one. Congratulations.