keep it chill all day every day (the lowercase thread)


fridays… very relaxed, very let’s get the week done… hello there! :slight_smile:


curls up on a pillow in the corner and goes to sleep


sounds good to me…just got back from acupuncture, or as I like to call it, ‘my ahhhcupuncture nap’ and am ready to chill with the furries.


the intern is right with you on this one - she’s been alternating between my shoes and my lap. gotta love cats. :slight_smile:


can it be bold lowercase?


you bet and if you feel that’s not enough then bring italics!


i need to step away from the shiny.



shiny is fun to look at :slight_smile:


it is. unfortunately it sometimes includes a metric boatload of stupid. :slight_smile:


ha! love this:


oh em gee that’s a little biased against extroverts but clearly the person who made this knows me well.


makes me think of this

and not this


introverts = have more time to make charts :slight_smile:


definitely not

much more like it…and a few woofets to round things out


i love it! finally a true introvert point of view!


how did it get to be the end of the week already?


no complaints. it is over.


thinking about a quiet weekend, and enjoying the fall finally arriving - what’s everyone else doing?


trying to recover from some bug i caught.


feel better!


chillin’ out on a late friday night, with a glass of wine and the sounds of simon & garfunkel to accompany me since the tigers’ game got rained out.