Keep on Rockin'

why don’t you guys have keyboards ever?!?!

Good question. I’ll pass your request to the buyers.

I’ve loved everything I’ve ever bought from Woot … except for the “Pyle PDJSD3 DJ Rack Stand with Gooseneck and Mic Holder.”

It wasn’t Woot’s fault that these units aren’t really packed well for cross-country shipping, nor do the wheel casters fit all that well w/out the benefit of a cast & die kit to thread the screws correctly.

Still, mine looks much better now that I removed cruft, sprayed it w/a nice coat of Safire Blue Krylon, and replaced casters with teflon coated sliders.

Your mileage may vary.

“Pro Full-Size 6 String Electricic Guitar” ???

[[MOD: Heh. Fixed.]

Pyle PADH1889 1000 Watt 18"
Been searching for a review for these speakers. Coming up empty. I DJ for a bunch of high-school kids, so they don’t have to be top of the line; but seriously I can’t find anything from ANYONE who has been in the same room as these speakers. Maybe I should pass…

It’s a 240v guitar? =;-)

Pyle PEA4000 Rack Mount Professional 4000 Watts Stereo Power Amplifier for $169.99 is a great deal - why the sellout price?