Keep Up Appearances in Class

It’s Back to School week here on Woot. Some cool things for the kids and adults heading back to the classroom.

Do you or your kids carry a computer or tablet to class?

That 120GB SSD is tempting even with the warranty price (seems about $100 new), but the flash drive’s pricing if a bit high considering


Yes you have to delete the crap software they put on those by default, but it’s not a bad price for new.

Is the Solo backpack worth it? I cannot seem to find any reviews of it online. Anyone?

The Incipio f38 are decent headphones for that price.

The headband needs to be bent a little to fit your head correctly (which is easy to do).

Also the small earpads make it a weird fit for some. As they are not quite over ear, but not quite on ear either.

The sound quality is good for the price though. Highs are not too bright, mids are ok and has good amount of responce in the lows.

In this price range, they are about as good as it gets.

EDIT. Also, these are the EXACT same headphones as the higher priced Brainwavz HM3, which also get good reviews and sell at the current price of $55 on Amazon:

I got the incipio headphones last time they were on woot and they are amazing!
One review that I read while deciding to buy them said they sounded as good as their $200 headphones and after using them for awhile, I’d say that’s an understatement.
They are super light and the cup is large enough to feel comfortable on your ears.

Just a warning though: Many reviews had said that the black bag that comes with them leaks its color. Many people say that their headphones have black smudges after using the bag. I don’t know this first hand because I threw the bag away when I got it, but I’d be weary.

Only a 30 day warranty on that SSD? It’s like Corsair is expecting it to fail again. No thanks.

The prices on the flash drive and ssd aren’t even close to being a deal, especially considering they’re refurbs.

I can’t find any reviews of it online either, but similar backpacks by Solo on Amazon seem to be receiving good reviews.

The built NY 16" envelope fits my 16" HP laptop perfectly. I bought it from woot on a previous sale


Miss out on buying a Speck CorePack Fly 15 Messenger Bag? (Keep Reading on how to get one or PM me please!)

Lucky for you, I have one that I don’t want! It is unused with the tags still on it and it even still has the tissue paper in it.


I paid between $20-25. plus shipping and handling. I would like to stay within that range.
As far as trade goes, I’m open to many different things. If you have a “When I Grow Up” t-shirt (caterpillar holding leaves) in preferably WS (if AA) or WM. Consider it sold! If you have it in any other size (WL,MS,MM & maybe ML) I will consider. I will trade for other t-shirts, home products, any hydration pack, some tech and sports items, or anything else you may have that you don’t want!

Please just PM if you’re interested, have questions, or anything. I stress to please PM me as I’m bad at keeping up with the forums at times.

Love the Built netbook case. Bought it for my Sony Tablet S and it’s perfect. I love that it’s padded, yet lightweight. And the velcro is nice and solidly sewn on. Didn’t like the Built camera case, though. I was expecting another soft-shell case, but it has a hard back interior which is molded into a cup shape. A bit of a bummer to me.

Unrelated with the actual products, but what twisted mind matched THAT tagline with THAT image?

I think I made a mistake ordering the SSD without looking at the reviews of the model. seems that lots of people are having them die within 2 months or so, with new ones. refurbished does not mean “updated firmware” in this case, either, as the original release of firmware on this model is the latest one. I just hope my drive doesn’t die on me.