Keep Yer Kids Warm

The link to the Underground Club hoodie is broken. It links to the wrong hoodie.

Love these…but, my kiddo is still in infant/toddler sizes. C’mon, woot! Bring on the shirts for the tiny wooters!:slight_smile:

someone was just asking about kids hoodies the other day…i think it was @bolis.

nice to see a kids-only hoodie sale…now which ones to get for my nieces…

Hey all, the link to the Underground Club hoodie is fixed now.

Sorry for the problems.

Still doesn’t work on my page. I even refreshed it.

I just tried it out, it’s working for me. Are you on a mobile device or your computer? Did you happen to clear your browser data?

Dose it come in adult sizes, because i want one :frowning:

Works on a different browser.

Ok, glad you’re able to access it now. Thanks for coming back!

Not overly happy that the Minecraft hoodie in kids was $2 more with no front pocket design compared to the adult offering, but I ordered anyway so my kid doesn’t look like he’s drowning in fabric…

Different materials; these are fleece and the other was a jersey (tshirt) knit.

Nice, but you are discriminating against littler Woots and bigger Woots! No baby Woot size, and you should offer in adult size too so the whole family can match. Come on, run it again in adult size. I double dog dare you.

Ah, that makes more sense… keep the little beggars warm haha.

If anyone missed the event and would still like a hoodie, I’m selling/trading: