Keepin' it Casual

In the midst of a woot-off, I imagine ThunderThighs looking like a cross between this and this. :tongue:

I love these surprise sales. I never know what day of the week they are going to pop up. I can’t believe how much I look forward to them.

“The Choice Was Not Hard” is one of my son’s favorite shirts.

Maybe winter ones. I don’t shave as often in the winter. Warmth, you know.

Ok, “The Choice Was Not Hard” is yet another one from before the days I monitored shirt.woot close enough. I NEED it! And bonus - it is offered in a tote, which I can actually use at work (no t-shirts on the job for me) which makes this even better. Add in a brandy new Jumbowoot coupon burning a hole in my pocket…and this sounds like fate to me!

Why, oh why does it have to be a zip up?! wail Want pullovers!!

Wondering why shirt.woot doesn’t offer kids sizes a bit cheaper than adult sizes. Love “Tag” for my son, but not for $15. $14.99 is my limit.

There’s a suggestion for the feedback button! Please send it in!

i’ll mail a penny to you, if it makes the difference.

Man, I wish the TAG: IT shirt had the art slightly to the left, like it was a real nametag.

My e-maul shirt still hasn’t shipped. :confused: Anyone else have a holdup?

Yep, probably everybody! Likely because the main sale page for the side sale, as well as each individual item’s page, noted that:

Just so you know for future side sales, all side sales have a blurb at the bottom of the main side sale page (under Shipping Information) that lets you know exactly when the items will begin shipping.