Keeping Warm

Instead of ‘Where’s Waldo?’, I’m voting for “Where’s the bunny with the heart eye marking?”.

Awesome shirt. I hope no one decides to knit-pick the design.

I bet if they tried those bunnies could make all the yarn into one big scarf, 4th Doctor Who style.

I get two parents and 43 young rabbits. Are those numbers about right?

she should knit a contraceptive instead.

this makes two bunny shirts i would wear now.

I instantly thought of these guys. Anyone else?

so you turtles think you’re so smart. Where are you now? All of the rabbits made it here.

These bunnies are sittin’ there, knittin’ mittens… hope them mittens is fittin’, else they’ll be gittin’ frostbitten.

I’m ready to go ask Alice something now. Where’s my airplane Jefferson?

All this shirt needs are a few more bunnies, so we would have both a Fibonacci number of rabbits and a valuable life-lesson in the mating habits of the same.

So that’s what they’re doing. It sorta looked like the other big rabbit in the middle was reading. Either way, just goes to show that bunnies like a good yarn.


Aw so cute! And nice on the heather gray.

aw darn, it’s adorable…And I had been doing so well not handing money to shirt.woot.

If one of the two big bunnies in the middle had had a mustache, it would have been an insta-buy.
I shall ponder it, though.

So what 30 second movie parody is this?

You know it’s cold when bunnies start knitting scarves to keep warm instead of doing… um… other more “bunny-like” things. O.o

The bunny is holding the knitting needles upside down!

But according to the link you provided, such a situation involving actual bunnies is biologically unrealistic. So this shirt is made more awesome by being biologically realistic?