Keller 2006 La Cruz Vineyard Syrah 1.5L Magnum

Keller 2006 La Cruz Vineyard Syrah 1.5L Magnum
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PRODUCT: 1 Keller 2006 La Cruz Vineyard Syrah 1.5L Magnum
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Oooooh, it’s biggie sized!

It’s a magnum!

I had sort of a tangental question:

When I buy wine off woot!, is it coming from the winery, or is it coming from the woot! warehouse (woothouse anyone?)? In other words, if I were to capitalize on more than one offer during a woot-off, would they all be shipped together or separate?

Each offer comes to you separately.

This is good stuff, or at least the other Syrah and PN I’ve had from Keller is good stuff. Very tempting…

If this is similar to previous vintages, the general consensus seems to be lots of fruit up front with oaky tannins on the back end.

While I prefer my oak and tannins on the smooth/subtle side, I do enjoy wines that transition on the mid-palate. Hmm, still on the fence for this offer - looks like I’ll have awhile to decide.

$80 on their site. Any comparisons to something we may know of? CT lacking on this year.

do they ever sell bottles of chardonnay ??

Have you tried any of the Syrah’s from Terre Rouge?

Yes there was a magnum of Chard from this same vineyard earlier this morning. I’d say that you can buy Chard here 2-3x/month on average, excluding Wootoffs.

I’ve been patiently waiting for a Cab Franc deal, having missed the most recent one over two months ago.

Tap, tap, thrum, twiddle…

…um… Thanks !!