Keller Estate 2007 LA Cruz Vineyard Chardonnay - 3 Pack

Keller Estate 2007 LA Cruz Vineyard Chardonnay - 3 Pack
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PRODUCT: 3 Keller Estate 2007 LA Cruz Vineyard Chardonnay
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Were these in Oak barrels, and for how long?

Oh, and any aging potential?

I am soooo tempted by this. Partly because I had a feeling from the hint it might be them. But also since no one is First Sucker yet.

But I haz too much wine!!!

Edit: AAaarrrgggghhhhhhhhh!

Keller Estate 2007 LA Cruz Vineyard Chardonnay - 3 Pack
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Wine.Woot: $20.63 / bottle with summer shipping
Winery: $39.24 with shipping and fees

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Alas, the wine racks are full (though I could use some more white) but MD shipping is my new litmus test for most offers now…

Side note - floating corks this time! AND apparently the bottles have wax. Props Photo-guy!:slight_smile:

What is the extent of malolactic fermentation in this offering?

Also some additional winemaker information on what targets or objective she is striving for would be nice. The winemaker description - from the voicemail - mentions oaking, “rich in style”, which suggests to me that this is forward and bold “California”-style chardonnay. Is that a reasonable inference?

Ya know…here’s an idea. When looking at a new wine purchase and you are not sure if you have to much wine for your own good. Here’s a little test. Take your average monthly consumption of bottles and divide your total bottle count by that amount and see where you stand. I personally don’t like to have more than a years worth on hand at any one time.
For other folks it may be considerably longer. If the number of bottles of wine goes beyond our own personal life expectancy then we may need to adjust our will accordingly.

Mark, so sad all by your self…,
I love a good Chardonnay, but still have better then a case for the summer (some as old as 2000 - still holding its own,) so will most likely sit out on this.
Congratulations on top spot, but I wonder where is mill today. hope all is well.

He is typically first sucker on reds. Whites are anyone’s game.

Well, since I plan on living forever, one can never have too much wine. Except when there is no room left in the wine lockers.

So you might be seeing one at Jeff’s soon.

Or I could hold another gathering at my lockers. :wink:

And to add to noslensj’s question, what are the details of the yeast and bacteria used for the mlf? Local or cherry picked from Burgundy?

2007, are these a drink now Chardonnay, or are they OK to lay down for a few years?

Looking forward to hearing from the winery.

  1. I see the vineyards are down towards Stagegulch Road along Lakeville Highway in those lower rolling hills between Lakeville Highway and Adobe Road before it T-s into Stagegulch Road. Interesting location. Didn’t the Martinellis plant grapes down there 20 years ago or so?

  2. Is this Keller related to Don Keller, who was a band composer and ran a printing company in Petaluma for many years?

The day after the Tour could be good. I can help you “rearrange” some of the shelving…:tongue:

I emailed Woot saying I’d buy the next white they put up within the month, and I’m a man of my word. Click!

The summer is almost halfway over. This is a great time for drinking whites!

Sorry, but that’ll be too late … since I’ll need to make room before the 2012 Tour for the cases and cases I’ll be bringing back from it (and its environs). The only problem with being close enough to drive there. :tongue:

Hi Ana Keller from Keller Estate. I look forward to ansering your questions this foggy Sonoma morning! The wine has 100% malolactic fermentation, it was all barrel fermented in about 25% new french oak. Do not be afraid, there is a lovely vibrant acidity in this wine that gives it a great balance.

Fermented, and aged in barrel for 14 months prior to bottling.