Keller Estate Brut Sparkling - 2 Pack

Keller Estate Brut Sparkling - 2 Pack
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PRODUCT: 2 2003 Keller Estate Sparkling Brut
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so following the previous discussion… this was 6 years on the lees?

Looks like 6 years on the lees indeed, with descriptions like yeasty and créme brulée.
Be interesting to have a blind tasting of this and other good CA sparklers. I’ve not heard of this one, but it sounds promising.


I hit the Keller tasting room in October and… didn’t have this. it appears that I have never have the wines offered here despite going to some of these tasting rooms recently :frowning:

I was going to say, “I have not heard of Killer Estate.” Then, I realized what the name actually was. I am still not familiar with them, but am kind of disappointed that they aren’t called “Killer Estate.” Anyone had this before?

Concindently there’s Keller Estate La Cruz Vineyard Sonoma Coast Chardonnay 2007 93PTS WE up on a competing site.

I’d love to hear feedback on the Keller Estate sparkler for sale here.

Exactly 5 years ago to this very day, I joined wine.woot and made my first purchase - a sparkling wine.

So it seems only fitting that I mark the occasion by purchasing another.

In looking back, I’ve discovered so many wonderful wines over the past five years - wines I’d never heard of and would probably never found or purchased on my own.

So thanks, WineDavid. Here’s to another 5 years. W00t!

Harvest April 2003? April? That can’t be right.

Oh wine.woot, you are killing me.

After 2 orders from yesterday and $700 on 4 bottles of Champagne in the last 5 days, do I really need more sparklers and if so, how many…

Someone needs to take my wallet away!

That’s what it says on their site.

I’m loving the sparkling wine woot week so far. I’m hoping it will continue…

and let me add, in for 2.

Looks like wine woot is doing a pretty good job of that already…

Question for the winery - how long can you lay these down? My guess is they are ready to drink now, but could probably go another 5 years?

Does anyone know if this is dry or sweet or somewhere in between?

It’s labeled “Brut” which suggests it will be dry, though not bone dry. Probably around a 1% dosage.

This is potentially an interesting ‘flyer’ - it’s more expensive than yesterday’s known quantity Iron Horse, and it’s not a sparkler I’ve heard of.

What makes it potentially interesting is the Petaluma Gap location of the vineyards - this is an up and coming area with a climate similar to Carneros. Both my cousins Bill Harrison and Mario Perelli-Minetti (his winery is now in the hands of his grandson Andrew) have sourced some very fine Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from this area for a number of years.

I also note (as has someone else) it looks like it has about 6 years on the yeasts, and a couple of years in the bottle, to have matured.

I’m thinking about it, and will report if I see some winery participation that makes me decide it’s worth taking a chance on.

I know the area very well, and while it’s possible to have the beginnings of veraison in April, it is impossible for wine grapes to be ripe in the Petaluma Gap in April, unless they were grown in a greenhouse!

Somethin’ don’ add up.

Good morning Wooters!
This is a dry Brut. It wasn’t on lees for 6 years, it was on the lees for 3 years. It has been bottled aged for the past 3.

The wine was on lees for 3 years.