Keller Estate Casa de la Cruz Pinot (4)

Keller Estate Casa de la Cruz Pinot Noir 4-Pack
$59.99 $̶1̶1̶3̶.̶0̶0̶ 47% off List Price
2007 Casa de la Cruz Pinot Noir
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I’ve certainly enjoyed Keller’s wines in the past, but don’t recall tasting this one. The La Cruz Syrah (I last had a 2004) was delicious! Pinots were out of my price range at the time, but I recall them being tasty as well.

Anybody have notes on this one?

Edit: Not buying wine is kind of hard sometimes. SIWBM must stand.

I ended up with two bottles the last time this deal came up. Here’s my nots from CT.

11/22/2012: nose is of mainly raspberries with some muted cherries and earth in the background. Not a light pinot, medium/light bodied and feels slightly watery on the back of the tongue. A good value at the woot price, but way overpriced by the winery. Solid in the $15-18 range.

18.25 a bottle shipped this time. 16.75 a bottle shipped last time. So a $1.50 a bottle increase over last time. $2 is summer shipping, is the rest my stupid states sales tax that used to be averaged?

Good notes. I’ve had this and enjoyed a bottle at a ~$17 price, but I think it’s overpriced at winery list of $25 + shipping. However, it’s typical of new wineries to vastly overprice wines. At this point I’m undecided - I’ve got a fair amount of Pinot for current drinking, and SWMBO prefers the lighter ones.

Um. Am I missing something here? It’s $16.75 a bottle shipped… :confused:

Yes, you are missing the sales tax.

At woot prices, I’ve yet to have a Keller Estate wine that I haven’t really enjoyed. They make very nice Pinot for the price, it’s not easy to find a decent bottle of Pinot in this price range IMHO.

Well apparently so did whomever charged me for the 4 I ordered.

You may be in one of the states that doesn’t get tax collected on Woot (yet).

Well…if that’s the case, you can’t really blame woot or the wine seller.

Hi! Any questions I cna answer about the wine?

Just a small note: this wine is 100% from Estate grown fruit. So all La Cruz Vineyard and all Pinot Noir, sometimes people like to sneak in some Syrah!

Do you think that’s still happening? I remember when PN became huge, people didn’t “get” that PN comes in a bit lighter than what most are used to (CS, maybe Syrah) but they wanted to drink PN. I think the PN hype has died. I thought the Syrah additions had along with it.

Not necessarily - final price after taxes and shipping is the most relevant price to use for comparisons. I do this with all wine sellers, both brick/mortar and internet.