Keller Estate Casa de la Cruz Pinot Noir (4)

Keller Estate Casa de la Cruz Pinot Noir 4-Pack
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2010 Keller Estate Pinot Noir Casa de la Cruz, Sonoma Coast
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I’ve enjoyed other vintages, it’s still estate fruit but at a 1/3 the price. My notes put other vintages on the lighter side of Pinot although im still a bit surprised by the oak numbers here.

I’m no expert at all, but you can’t really think of oak in absolute numbers. Different grapes handle oak in different ways given the myriad of other factors that go into the final product. You’ll see low oak wines that taste like they’ve seen more would wood than you would think and the other way around.
And with time in the bottle the wood influence changes as well as you probably know. Only point here is that the 25% new oak should not chase someone away if you’re thinking automatically it’s over oaked.

Would be nice to have some notes from folks but haven’t seen many lately or maybe I just haven’t been paying attention.

Many intriguing CT reviews. I’ll give this a try.

Wasn’t implying it was over Oaked, just surprised at the usage of new oak on what is essentially their 2nd label. I would guess the wine needed it.

Good morning Wooters! Great to be offering a lovely wine today. At Keller Estate we treat all the grapes equally. That means, all sorted, de-stemmed (100%), cold soak for 7 days, native fermentations (keeping the temperature low), fill the barrels by gravity and keep proportions of new oak/vs older oak according to each lot. At the end, some lots, are not a perfect fit for either our El Coro Pinot Noir or our La Cruz Pinot Noir and find their way into our Casa wines. This wine will vary year to year. In 2010, the lot ended with 25% new oak. Keep in mind that our selection of new oak always looks for coopers that add more spice notes, rather than big bold flavors.

Thanks for jumping in Ana. Great working with Keller Estate again. this is a very good offer indeed.

What’s your estimate for drinkability on these.

I give these wines maybe 18-24 months. But they are really ready to drink now.

Id highly recommend a visit to anyone curious, beautiful grounds.

Thanks for the visit tip! And… we do have brunch tastings every first weekend of the month. September it’s going to be a Mexican inspired brunch in honor of Independence of Mexico!

I have taken many guests to Keller and all have come away impressed and pleased with their wines, their friendly staff, and the great views. For me it is a great place to end a day of wine tasting in Sonoma. Maybe you better go there to begin your day so it isn’t too crowed in the afternoon!

Awww…Thanks! Oh… it keeps getting better. Next Sunday August 29th we have a great Salsa Band playing from 1-4, so get tickets and we’ll warm you up!

Cool…sorry 'bout that!

Wow…my post about not wanting to order because of the heat got deleted…