Keller Estate Pinot Gris (4)

Keller Estate 2008 La Cruz Vineyard Pinot Gris 4-Pack
$79.99 (Normally $120.00) 33% off List Price
2008 La Cruz Vineyard Pinot Gris
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$30/btl retail for a Pinot Grigio is steep, IMO. Justification, winery?

By the way, pH of 2.8? That’s equal to phosphoric acid or a lemon. Is this an accurate number?

Well, it’s what it says on the Keller Estate page.

Keller’s wines are expensive. Just how it is. I took a busload there a few years ago and was overall happy with the wines. I walked out with a La Cruz Syrah that went down at Thanksgiving a couple years later. I’d like to see their Pinot and Syrah up here.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a white with a pH this high. Or have I and just not known?

They are expensive but how is the quality across their wines? Consistently good? Worthy of the prices?

Also, I do not know much about Pinot Gris, would it be considered a “Noble varietal” that gets better with age?

They are located in the Petaluma gap which gets wonderful sea breezes from The SF bay. Their property is substantial and beautiful and their wines are good to great. They are however expensive which is why on my visit I came away with 1 bottle of viognier that was covered by our tasting fees and that was it. The bottle was excellent. I do not recall tasting the PG at the winery but I would absolutely not pay the retail on it. Even at $21 a bottle it is out of my range.

Nope, they get worse with age. Treat it like sauvignon blanc.

Im with kyle on this…30 for a PG steep. Thw only CA white grape id be willing to pay more than 20 for is Chardonnay and it better befrom a reputable winery like Lynmar. I have a limit across the table of 20 dollars for a New world bottle of SB, Viognier, Reisling, etc

I didn’t say $30 was a good price or even a fair price. Just that Keller’s wines are priced on the higher side. I also walked out with only a single bottle when I was there because the prices were so ridiculous. I’ve been on the mailing list since then but haven’t bought because the prices still tend to be higher than what I think they’re worth. At the woot price, it’s getting close to fair value, imo.

Makes total sense. I did not mean to say you were defending the offer.

Hi, Ana Keller for Keller Estate Winery. We have 2 acres of PInot Gris planted. We do keep our yields low and the wine is made with a lot of care. Sorry if you think the price is steep.

In general we tend to be fair priced considered our peers in the area, and well we do sell a lot of fruit to other producers, like Landmark, Mayo Family, Zepaltas and other more or less known.

I wouldn’t treat it as fast as Sauvignon Blanc, but would certainly drink it within 5 years, so now! We are down to our last 30 cases of this lovely mineral driven wine.

We’ll get the Syrah for you quite soon!

I just went through my notes and that is the pH that the wine has. Some brief research:
The thing to remember about pH is that the higher the pH, the lower the acidity, and the lower the pH, the higher the acidity. So a wine with a pH of 4.0 is LESS acidic that one with a pH of 3.6. Although total acid and pH are related, they represent different ways of measuring acidity of wine. The pH can be measured with a pH meter, an instrument that determines pH quickly and easily. It represents the active acidity of the wine. If the pH of a wine is too high, say 4.0 or above, the wine becomes unstable with respect to microorganisms. Low pH inhibits microorganism growth. Tartaric acid is sometimes added to fermenting grape juice in California to insure that an acceptable final pH can be realized, since some acid is lost during fermentation thus reducing the total acidity and raising the pH.

Thank you for the part about Keller Estate being beautiful. We do our best to ensure that we do everything with a lot of love and care, and that means everything from our vineyard practices, to our relationship with the community and our love for art.

I fully understand all of this. But 2.8 pH is a really high level of acid (low pH number). Did you add acid, and if you did, why did you aciduate to such a ripping level?