Keller Estate Pinot Noir (4)

Keller Estate 2007 Casa de la Cruz Estate Pinot Noir 4-Pack
$61.99 (Normally $100.00) 38% off List Price
2007 Casa de la Cruz Estate Pinot Noir
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For the winery,

Is it typical to go through malo before transferring to the barrel for your Pinot’s? I thought that reds typically go through malo in oak. What impact does this have on the finished wine?

I’ve enjoyed a bottle of 2007 Keller Estate Pinot Noir La Cruz Vineyard.

Here’s my tasting notes:

8/6/2012 rated 90 points: Candied dark chocolate cherry on the nose, wisps of orange rind.

Juicy cherry pie, crushed strawberries, bit of earth on the palate. Opened up nicely as the evening went on, further nuances, and layers developed, including a nice allsprice component. Well balanced, nice structure, good acidity.

Glad I got this nice buy from bleep, should be interesting to see how these develop in a few more years.

I think, but I’m not positive, that the wine you are talking about is a different wine. If it is different, I’m curious to hear the differences from someone associated with the winery.

I got so excited to see the Keller Estates wine, but was sad it wasn’t the Syrah. Their PN was excellent, no notes kept and I don’t have the exact vintage with me right now (I will look when it isn’t 442 in the morning)

Obviously I am behind the times. I haven’t ordered off of winewoot in a few months. Money was tight. Now, the last three times I’ve tried to order, I’ve been told woot can’t ship to Louisiana. What changed? I’ve emailed woot and gotten no response.

The average community price on CT is only $10.00. It’s odd that it’s more here on woot.

You are correct.
His review is of a more expensive vineyard designate. This is a blend.

From the first post:

“Every winery needs a separate license from each state which is why your state isn’t listed.”

I don’t know these wines, but there have been some very nice Pinots (and Chardonnays, but especially Pinots) coming out of this area known as the “Petaluma Gap” in the past decade or so.

It should really be thought of as an extension of Carneros, being just above San Pablo Bay, but divided off from it by some low hills that trail off from Sonoma Mountain almost down to San Pablo Bay (at Sears Point). Climate at least up to Stage Gulch Road on Lakeville Highway is very similar to Carneros (though I’d say it might be a touch warmer during the day, though just as cool at night).

These are certainly worth trying.

Those bottles appear to have been purchased in July through Club W which ships 3 random wines per month for $13/bottle with free shipping. The $10 figure is an average from only 2 CT users, so like many numbers on CT, it has to be taken in context.

Maybe there was a special deal that included this wine. Maybe one of the 2 users had some kind of credit that lowered the cost of their wine. Maybe there was a mistaken CT entry. Who knows? The average price for the previous (2006) vintage (6 users) is $22.96 although it does appear that approximately 2 months ago Club W users were able to get this 2007 vintage for $13.

EDIT: Looks like this explains it.

They’re both produced with 100% La Cruz Vineyard fruit so possibly different blocks or slightly lesser fruit from the same overall selection. I’m guessing this is almost as good as the Keller Estate PN but at less than half the price, it should be a great value.

Perhaps the winery could tell us exactly what the differences are…

Winery should be here shortly.

You would prefer that to my speculation? :wink:

I’m working on getting Ana Keller on the boards, meanwhile if you listen to her voicemail, she does tell how the blocks and blends are determined for this wine and the other estate pinot’s.

oops did I say that the wine went through malo before we put them in barrel? My bad, they go through ML in barrel.

Thanks for the h/u. I am still stuck on thinking the vintner voicemail is supposed to be located near the top of this page and I forget to look for it ever since the site redesign.

Hi! We feel that we owe it to our vineyards to harvest from every single block planted (we have 12 by the way). They are all treated with the utmost care, however, some blocks are not as strong as we would like for them to be and so they do not make the cut to the Keller Estate wines. In addition in the case of the PInot Noir, the “free run” wine goes ito the Keller lots, while the pressed wine may or may not go into Keller Estate. All these elements come into play when we make the blends. The order of decision is:
Precioso wines first
Keller Estate wine second
Casa wines.
They are still 100% fro our vineyard and in this case 100% Pinot Noir.