Keller Estate Sonoma Coast Syrah (4)

Keller Estate Sonoma Coast Syrah 4-Pack
$79.99 $164.00 51% off List Price
2009 Keller Estate La Cruz Vineyard Syrah, Sonoma Coast

So who is up for a split? I’ve passed on these too many times, but really enjoyed previous vintages.

I’d love to but need to spend the rest of the year drinking down what I have and not buying more. Too many excellent deals this fall has me feeling heavy on wine and a bit poor.

It’s dangerous when others know your delivery address.
You’ve been advised; be on the lookout.

Keller deal!

Totally should not be buying more wine, but so hard to let this pass.

DMV split anyone??

Come on! 4 bottles is not too much! Anybody need any details on the wine?

Hi guys! I’m new to this whole Woot-buyin’ wine thing! I’m in NC, and when I tried to chk out, I got a msg saying they couldn’t ship here.

Hi and welcome to the addicting world of wine.woot. Each winery must obtain a license for each state to ship there. This winery doesn’t have a license for NC.

But keep checking back as NC is a ship-to state as long as the winery has a license.

You can see a list of the ship-to states at the bottom of the wine’s sale page - the one with the features/specs.

EDIT: Fixed my booboo


Whoops. TY!

I don’t see a listing of states…I do see us map w shaded states, like showing sales volume. Am I looking in the wrong place? Plz forgive the newb!!!

No problem. Please ask questions.

If you go to the sale page, scroll wayyyyy down near the footer and look for this:

It’s right above the photos of stuff for sale on the other sites.

First time I’ve seen Washington missing from the list of states. In fact, I ordered yesterday. Is the list winery-dependent?

Yes it is. Each winery must obtain a license for each state in order to ship their wine to that state.

Six hours and no chatter. What’s this world coming to? Only 1 CT opinion. I need just a little nudge to buy this. Where are the rats?

Klez and I are splitting. That help?