Kelty Airlift Instant Setup Tents

What happens when you “spring an air leak?” Seems like a high dollar item that can be totally useless in no time! Should come with non-inflatable back-up poles!

I’ve only used the Kelty Airlift tent once. It is the largest, tallest 4 person test I’ve seen. It is strong when set up, but I highly recommend a practice setup.
It’s not intuitive. Air poles are amazing. Vestibule is very roomy.

I feel like this will end up like all the air matresses I have bought over the years. Use it once, great. 2nd use, wake up on the ground, or in this case with a tent on you and no way to fix it in the middle of the woods.

@ $249 I you can’t throw this one away like that air matress and get a new one every camp out.

What keeps all the air from rushing out when you open the tent flap?

I mean, I don’t want to be up half the night pumping the thing back up after nature calls!

Hopes and dreams keep this tent inflated. :tongue:

They have valves that open/close.

This must be how they filmed the movie Up!

You can’t be serious…

Heh, heh.

Very tempted, just wondering about how long it will really last. Going to try it anyways.

Seems too gimmicky and very pricey. You can get a comparable Kelty 4-person tent that’s nearly half the price and half the weight:

Does anyone have real-world experience with these AirPole tents and how they stand up to windy conditions?

My thoughts, too. I have an air mattress that I’ve spent enough time searching for the leak in the seams and patching it up. I suspect this won’t be any different. Back-up poles aren’t a bad idea but just more stuff to pack.

What kind of valve is this? Do I have to pump this up manually or can I hook it up to an air compressor?

I suspect that it’ll take about the same amount of time and effort if you’re adept at putting up your traditional tent.

DH and I have a 2-person backpacking tent by another manufacturer that features the air-beam system. We’ve now had it for about 5 or 6 years (maybe a little longer), and it still works great. Been on the trail with both of us a couple of times, and with DH to various BSA functions over the years. Thankfully, a bit more resilient than the typical crappy air mattress.

Because it’s a different maker, I obviously can’t speak to how well the Kelty version will hold up, but I know they make decent packs and bags. You pays your money, you takes your chances! :wink: