Kelty AirPitch Sonic 6 or 8 Person Tent

**Item: **Kelty AirPitch Sonic 6 or 8 Person Tent
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Time to check out the product page on the 6 person tent and the product page on the 8 person tent

Let’s watch a video [youtube=AyOCVS3isac][/youtube]

I imagine it is almost the same, but here is the 6/8 person video

Call me lazy, but one of those battery operated Coleman pumps would make this tent even easier.

Tempted to get one, but we currently have an 6 man Marmot Halo, which is pretty dang nice.

Trade-offs: This design is more susceptible to pinhole fabric damage than most, due to its airpole arrangement, so be sure to blow some of the $$s you’re saving here on a prophylactic patch kit, to save you from unexpected letdowns in the field. Single-wall tents lend themselves best to sunny-weather use too, as they don’t handle moisture control from your breath/body very well with the mesh zipped up, and can feel clammier than traditional tent+fly arrangements sooner. Also not the best at handling severe wind. Both the airpole and single-wall features lend themselves to an overall lightweight and simple to setup arrangement though.

Note, you are NOT pumping air in the entire tent, just the airpole sleeve, and just to 6psi, so it doesn’t take long.

I like the kelty line but really? A blow up tent? I guess if you don’t want to fumble with poles but I see many tradeoffs here. Some already mentioned but lets see how it handles winds over 20 mph. Heavy rain or even frost. If you’ve never been camping, pitch in a no-wind area and want a big tent, I guess this is for you. I’m still shaking my head.

Since noiseless zipper pulls are listed twice in the features is that the best selling point? I’ll stick to camping in my school bus. Pass on this one…

I can have mine up and staked out in the time it would take just to attach the air pump!

I have a similar model from (the 4-person model) that I really like. I inflate it with a CO2 tank, takes about a minute and it’s ready to go with the fly pre-installed, just needs to be staked down. Haven’t had a leak issue yet.

Coleman pumps DO NOT WORK with these tents. The pressure required to pitch them is too much for the electric pumps.

Because air mattresses are so reliable.

I mean, if you have to re-inflate the air mattress overnight as the air cools, why should I think this won’t sag overnight?

I think it’s a cool idea, and probably would be great for someone who has physical issues, or is just generally terrible at putting tents up, but I have all the same qualms as listed in the comments above.

After watching the video, I have to say I LOVE the guyline pockets, though, and hope this gets incorporated into other tents in the future.

Is the floor of the center vestibule open to the ground below or is it lined with tent fabric?

May as well fill the inside with helium, while you are at it. :slight_smile:

Per the specs, there is a floor.