Kelty Avocet 30 Backpack

If youre looking for some good tips and pictures, refer to the past discussion board from about a week ago (when I bought my bag!).
I havent used mine yet, but Im looking forward to it. Fits well

This is a smokin’ price when compared to this same bag sold elsewhere.

But as for seeing the other side of the pack…it’s difficult to find pics that aren’t from all the same angle. But you can see the other side in this vid:


Now if they will put up something in 55 or 60 liters.

Here are some helpful pictures of a fellow Wooter’s Kelty bag

Hmm, it has ice-ax loops. When’s woot! going to sell some ice-axes to go in those loops?

W T Frak!

Enough with the Kelty’s packs for awhile eh?


Spoken like a citizen without their own Kelty Backpack. EVERYONE MUST HAVE A KELTY BACKPACK.

Here are additional photos as well as a video (not by Kelty) about the pack!



Bought it not long ago when offered here, great addition to my BOB. Has a few drawbacks, but a great pack at a great price. I ran it through the “stuff it full till it almost bursts” test and it seems very well made, and I’ve dragged it around enough in the few days I have had it to know it is going to be very durable. I’m tough on my gear.

Check the other sale and the comments there. It really is a great bag at a great price.

Considering buying more for my family’s BOBs and our INCH bags. Not really a bag to add to an everyday carry set-up, IMHO. Not a bag I would use as a primary carry in a BOB or INCH set-up, but makes a great bag to have in or with your bag, in that instance.

Have needed a bigger pack like this for quite a while. I have a small one that is good for a short dayhike but this one looks good for an all day hike or a hike w/ food/gear for more folks.

Thanks woot.

At least they have a sense of humor about their recent fascination with kelty packs, lol. FWIW, I have 2 older Kelty Redwings and I love them.

I would love to see more of this higher end camping/hiking stuff(TNF, Mountain Hardware, Marmot, Columbia etc). I’m looking to get into the ultralight end of gear :smiley:

…and you’ll never need another backpack. Unless it’s another kelty in a different size. My ~25L kelty has survived years of work, school, tramping, repeated slides down volcanic rock, and ridiculous amounts of general abuse. Still looks as good as the day I bought it.

Here are some more details on that limited lifetime warranty:

Limited Warranty
*Kelty takes pride in the quality of our products and guarantees that the materials and workmanship will be free from defects for the life of the product (with the exception of lighting, trekking poles, furniture, sleeping pads and air beds, which have a one year limited warranty). This warranty is limited to the product’s original owner.

This warranty supersedes any other warranty and is subject to the following conditions and limitations.

Since no Kelty product is indestructible, Kelty’s warranty does not cover issues attributable to or resulting from normal wear and tear (i.e. exhausted zippers), natural hazard damage (i.e. weather, animals, ultraviolet [UV] damage on tents), abuse or alteration.*

Heck NO! We didn’t even get a chance on the Kelty Super Tioga yet.

I ordered one of these from the last time Woot sold them. I should get it today or tomorrow.

I wonder (can anyone confirm) if Woot ships each Kelty pack with a complimentary Dyson Vac.

No but they did send me some free bubble wrap. They where even nice enough to let me keep the cardboard box that came with my pack. I am surprised woot is still in business giving away such awesome things for free. Talk about OVERHEAD!

I got my Avocet 30 from the last Woot of these on Saturday. Seems to be a very nice pack for the money though I haven’t gotten to try stuffing it yet.

Absolutely right! I missed this pack the first time it was on here and, literally, begged Woot to put some more back up. I bought the Courser and the Redwing when they were on here, but REALLY wanted a top-loader in this size. This seems like the perfect addition to any kit because it covers that area between daypacks that are set up for short hikes and hauling textbooks/laptops around and the weekend pack that just winds up being too much empty bulk for shorter/lighter overnights.

Now that I ordered my three, I’m looking forward to Woot getting us some Kelty Coyote 80L to round out my collection. Keep it up Woot!

I’ve heard that…