Kelty Avocet 30 Backpack

BTW, for those still looking for a larger pack, Moofi still has some Redwing 44L:

(because I haven’t a clue how to hyperlink the word “here”)

If they were gonna come with anything extra, it’d be a SanDisk Sansa MP3 player.


At any rate, I’ve got one of the Redwing 44 packs from a Woot 2 weeks ago and it’s excellent. Getting it packed for a mission trip to Cuba in 10 days. We’ll see if the pack holds up well against communism.

I got one of these last time they were on Woot.

I’m not a backpack guy, but it appears to be very well made. The frame and straps make it very comfortable to carry heavy items.

My goal was to get a backpack bigger than my regular laptop backpack. It is bigger, but not as big as I thought it would be. Yes, I should have looked at the dimensions…

Bah. Cypress is sold out in Mens.

No thanks on the other colors.

Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings… and every time Woot gives away bubble wrap, cardboard, sansa MP3 players and dysons for people like me and you, there’s another bag of crap thats empty somewhere. :wink:

They’re especially useful for carrying your inventory in the event of zombies…

Bought the backpack for our son when he goes on overnighters with the Boy Scouts. It doesn’t have the tie downs at the bottom to hold sleeping bag and matt. Disappointed in that, but everything else is perfect.

Ok, Ima backpack neophyte. I love things to carry my crap in, but I don’t know anything about them. I am saving all my monies to go to the Dominican Republic for a couple weeks in January and want a bigger, more betterer backpack than what I am currently rocking.

Problem: Ima dude, and the dudes’ packs are sold out. I’m not really the kind of guy that cares about color, so I would settle with the “Jewel” or “Rose” colors, but A)Should I settle? Is this a good enough deal to settle for? B)I imagine there are dude and dudettes’ backpacks for a reason- Would I regret getting a women’s backpack? I see they are proportioned differently while maintaining the same capacity- I have to assume that is for a reason.

Anybody willing to enlighten a willing student?

Curse you woot! I got home saturday at 1am and saw what I had missed and kicked myself. Now I see the men’s are both sold out and am kicking myself again :frowning: At least I can pick up a rose one for my wife.

You should buy this one like me.

That thought crossed my mind, but I am not in regular need of a backpack that big, and the price kinda scares me away. I am/was particularly attracted to the price:size ratio of this one.

Who is “BOB” and why does he have INCH bags?

It’s a personal issue. Don’t ask. He’s very shy about it.

I’m so glad you asked this. As I read that comment I was wondering what it was referring to. I just figured it was a language spoken only by frequent backpackers/daytrippers.

My impatience has got the best of me, and I have purchased a Women’s backpack in bright blue. With a flower stitchy thing.

Oh God Why.

If they had it in camo, olive or black I’d be all over that deal! I just can’t do that blue . . .

Bug Out Bag

I’m Never Coming Home Bag

This backpack would likely make a better BOB, so if you’re fearing a zombie apocalypse you may want to go with something larger.

A BOB is a bug-out-bag, typically containing enough gear to get you to a predesignated safe place where you have a larger cache (or to get you home) - it usually contains a minimum of three days worth of food and water and enough gear to get you there in relative safety and comfort. It is assembled based on your needs (urban, suburban, rural) and it really doesn’t cost a lot of money to have on hand. If you think you don’t need one, think back to NYC during the blackouts or after 9/11. Those that had their BOB in their car or at their desks were better equipped to bug out to get home - and they were MUCH more comfortable.

An INCH is an “I’m never coming home” again bag. This bag (or collection of bags) is where a lot of people go overboard and yes, it can require a significant investment. I have seen INCH bags that have enough well thought out equipment to start a small village after the zombie Apocalypse. INCH bags are not nearly as common and usually only undertaken by avid outdoors lovers that really get into this endeavor as a hobby - or they seriously think the S#@! is going to hit the fan . . . there are even contests to go out and use your INCH bag for months at a time to see who might have the best chance based on what they’ve taken. Many people would rather just eat a bullet than to build and comprehend (and face the prospect of using) what goes into a REAL INCH bag . . . if a collapse of that magnitude happens, a lot of people surveyed have said they would consider themselves to be better off dead.

Myself, I’m lucky enough to have the disposable income to put together several bags, and even help others build their own. I have different BOBs for different scenarios and INCH bags that would rival what our government probably has in place for our military.

For me, it turned into a hobby, I began just browsing survival Websites and my family was always ready with some type of plan, it seemed fun. I’ve actually won a three month INCH contest in Montana that traversed winter / spring. That was my kind of fun . . . I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but hey, it keeps me out of the wife’s hair. And sometimes, that’s priceless.

Due to the construction of this bag and the features, many people would consider this bag to actually be a shoulder mountable rucksack. Traditionally (colloquially), most people consider a rucksack to be just like this, an enclosed top-only load bag - which is why I mentioned that IMHO this is a good addition to a BOB or INCH, but not a primary carry bag for that purpose. Although, for MOST people, this would make the beginnings of a VERY DECENT BOB. And SOMETHING is better than NOTHING. It is after all, a very durable bag and it performs very well!

This bag and the “ten essentials” - plus a few extra items would suit 95% or more people VERY WELL - and it will all fit in this bag, and doing it (buying a bag such as this and building a simple BOB) will possibly save your life.

That was a lot of good info, thank you for taking time to post that. :slight_smile:

We received this a few days ago. The Woot write up is a little misleading when it says

‘It’s got pockets and crap! Just like you want in a backpack!’

Because it does not have any external pockets. The other thing that was disappointing was the hip belt, which is small and thin, in contrast to the lovely shoulder and back padding. The hip belt belt looks like it’s mainly there to keep the pack from moving about, rather than carrying any of the weight on your hips.