Kelty Avocet 30 Backpack



whaaat? No side pockets for water bottles?


Kludgecakes! Where were you 10 minutes ago!?


It’s hydration compatible, with a sleeve. Water bottles are passe.


Where would I get the water bladder?


Too bad the men’s packs are sold out, I was hoping to pick one up…

Also, Woot, when are you going to get the bigger kelty packs, like the Kelty Coyote 80?? I really want to buy a larger, multiday pack. Hopefully you’ll sell some of those soon!!

(I always see requests for the bigger kelty bags, so I know the demand is there. I bet they’d sell really well!)


Hydration bladders are a royal pain to refill in the middle of a hike. It might be passé to use water bottles, but most people I see on my backpacking trips use both tools. It is also difficult to tell when the hydration bladder is almost empty, so whether and when to refill it also becomes a conundrum.


You never know…