Kelty: Back in Pack



Lots of Kelty, a favorite brand around sport.woot! :slight_smile: (Which is where you can find some reviews of these great items.)

We’d love for owners to chime in, below!


Ok. Been thinking about getting a camp sink for some time, but still hooked on my three tub method of washing and sanitizing dishes, so we don’t get hit with Big Foot’s Revenge.

I’m kinda turned off by Kelty’s picture with what looks like a backwards-facing bottle of nail polish remover. Is it a subliminal suggestion to poison your camping mates? Why not just have a bottle of good ole camp soap or a travel-sized bottle of dish soap in the picture? Nail polish remover? Really?!!


Here’s a link to a previous discussion on the Kelty Redstart backpack.

I’m in for one – just trying to decide which color to order for my husband (Christmas gift).


I love you woot!
And Kelty bags.




I just picked the Java color. I’m tempted to get the woman’s version for myself, but I don’t really need a new backpack. My Camelbak Sutra is still going strong. In case I change my mind… Is the interior of the Redstart W the same as the men’s version?


Perhaps it’s supposed to be dish soap, not nail polish remover? It does look suspicious though. Perhaps you’ll like this pic better:"


I have the Kelty camp sink. I have not used it yet, but I can tell you it is a very solidly constructed piece. It smashes down to about a quarter or a fifth of its full size. I plan on storing pots and dishes in it on the way to the woods, then as a dishwashing sink, obviously. $22 is a good price, especially if you’re buying something else to split the shipping. They retail for $39.99 usually. I got mine for $25 shipped on Amazon. Best current Amazon deal is $30.99 shipped.

Have fun. :^)


Everything in the men’s and women’s styles are the same except for the colors and, in some cases on certain packs, the interior volumes (women’s usually run a few liters smaller.) The women’s are also supposed to be designed specifically for a woman’s build so they ride better.


just picked up kitchen sink, not only for its intended use, but also for picnics. looks like it will be good to keep stuff cool, like potato salad. fill with ice, set bowl in and no more wondering an hour or two into a picnic if you should take a chance.


Good thing it’s not included, huh? Looks like that last minute improvisation didn’t work so well.


Helpful – thank you!


I have owned and used the Kelty Camp sink for a couple of years - great product. When not in use as a sink, it has ample space for our pots, pans, plates, bowls and utensils. Very handy for getting everything to the site. Works very well as a sink, too! Doesn’t leak a drop, like the folding plastic contraptions so many camping supply places sell. Durable, easy to clean. In for another. One for Washing, One for Rinsing. Thank you, Woot!


So… I’m not a backpacker… and I ordered the Avocent30 before I found out it had no pockets.

but… What is the daisy chain for?


I’ve been thinking of getting the camp sink for a while now, so finally caved. Can’t wait to use it!

I already have the camp duffle (in black), and it surprisingly fits a ton of stuff. I currently keep my tent, sleeping bag, hatchet and a lot of other items in it. I’m not a fan of the blue color, but, at this price, I’m in for another one for my clothes and misc. items.


I specifically came here to post the same thing!!! Glad someone else is as AR as myself!
REALLY, nail polish remover? You left your dishes sit THAT long before washing them? LOL


I was looking at that Redstart 23, so I checked out the reviews on Amazon. There are all of 2, one very favorable and one negative. One person is tall, and needs a longer pack (and so anticipates a perfect fit), and the other is not, and finds the straps impossible to adjust properly. Since I fall squarely into the short-person camp, I’ll have to give this a pass.


Daisy chains are just handy places to attach stuff to the outside of your pack.


** Trivia Time**

I sent your concerns about the photo of the camp sink with the nail polish remover to our Art Director. He reports that the photo came from our vendor. Just for you, he has skillfully removed it from the image so you no longer have to stare at that misplaced container.