Kelty Camp Duffle

It is described as XL but only 24 inches which is a medium on all other websites. XL is 35 inches in length on Amazon

Just go to good will :slight_smile:

I noticed that too. My bet is on Medium seeing as how blue is an option for that size but I can’t find it as an option for XL.

I’ve made a call to check and will update as soon as I hear back.

UPDATE: It appears the name of this is kinda inconsistent. There are other places out there that refer to this as the Kelty Camp XL such as this place. So we’re leaving the XL for now. The measurements match all the other sites. Length 24".

Great price! In for 2. :slight_smile:

Quality at a great price. Something the woot staff can be proud of.

In for 1, because there are all kinds of little things I need to start collecting.

Wow! Beat the price at even with the $5.00 shipping charge.
Thanks again Woot!

Wait just a doggone minute here. Are you guys saying that we don’t suck today?

Nah, TT. We’d never go that far.

In for 1

I don’t see vacuums on any of the sites; I even checked moofi! :slight_smile:

There have been enough Kelty products on sport.woot lately that the “next domain is kelty.woot” joke has taken its place next to the “next domain is dyson.woot” joke.

The summary of the threads on all those Kelty items: Kelty stuff is made from durable, easy-to-clean fabric with a high level of workmanship: this stuff lasts. And if it doesn’t, Kelty’s lifetime warranty will make it right. By all accounts, their customer service is top-notch, very responsive and accommodating. I’ve got four Kelty packs now, and the strap webbing and buckles that comprise the compression straps are strong and easy to use. The nylon that Kelty uses for all of its pack is also very durable and fairly water-resistant; I believe the zippers are specially treated to resist water as well.

If you could use a 24" duffel bag, this is much higher quality than anything you’d typically find at Target or Walmart - and a much better deal!

Aww man, I just got this. But looking at the specs, definitely not XL. Are the specs wrong or is the description wrong?

I have to second this. I’ve had a Kelty tent for 15 years and am only just now starting to run into wear and tear issues, and a kelty backpack that’s seen heavy use over the last four years and is still in great shape. If you need a duffle, get this one.

Product website matches these dimensions here, and $14.95 there vs. $7.99 here. I think it’s the “XL” in the woot specs that is wrong:

30 good reviews, sold out at $12.95 here:

One last thing. I think this is different from the “Base camp” duffel (and why Kelty spells that one “duffel” and the one here “duffle” I have no idea).

I’ve purchased several of the Kelty packs and they are of amazing quality. And 24" is a nice size duffle to have for general purposes. I’m in for 1 :slight_smile:

I purchased their products before and they are awesome. Very good products.