Kelty Courser 40 Backpack

This pack is big enough to hold supplies for a 3-4 day trip. Longer than that, and I’d opt for a 4,000 to 5,000 cubic inch pack.

This pack looks to review very well.

I’m sensing a theme… things that hold a lot of bacon week!

would it really hurt anyone to include some more detailed photos? seriously, open the bag up and show us how it functions if you want us to buy them quickly!

I once packed for a 12 day trip to a cold weather climate (backpacking, but carrying food and medical supplies) in this; its capacity is like magic, I swear.

Give me ten minutes; I need to go get it out of attic. :slight_smile:

DAMN YOU WOOT!!! i dont know how many backpacks i need! now i can stuff my pack in my pack!

So, are we talking AT backpack here or weekender?

I agree, we need some images when buying something like a Pack, especially when you get into the 40 Liter and up sizing. I really hope we can get to a 50 Liter (or larger) pack soon. I am in the market for one and always want “The Deal”.And I am seeing the same sentiment in many of the Pack Offerings on Woot!. It seems WOOT! has a relationship with Kelty so let us have some BIG PACKS PLEASE!. I need something that I can carry 2-3 Days of serious gear. Im not a minimalist camper so 40L will not do it. Oh and 1 more hing, remeber that some of us are “Big Boys”. LOL In the meantime, I only found two Videos on You Tube for this pack and they are both weak. One is nthe standard one made by Kelty and another shows 2 Views and an Amazon Link, I’ll skip that one.

Here is the link to Keltys Video, at least you can see the size in the hands of an average size person :

First things first: we’ve seen a lot of Kelty in the past week, including the Strike 32 and Avocet 30. There’s lot of good information about Kelty, including some comparisons of this pack to those, in those threads and I recommend skimming through them.

One thing we discussed recently was that the aluminum stays should be adjusted to your body. According to Kelty, it’s possible to do this without removing the stay from the pack. (Sorry, I thought I’d scanned it to a pdf, but apparently not.)

40L is a bit too small for a weekend camping trip unless you are car camping or your gear is already ultralight. Figure most sleeping bags are at least 10L - 15L (unless you spend $300+), that leaves very little room for your tent, clothing, gear, food/water & other supplies. Again, unless you are packing some pretty pricey ultralight gear, this pack wont serve you for a weekend.

That being said, this pack is a Kelty and so you get all the rock solid reliability and customer service that come with that excellent brand. I just purchased another Kelty Redwing 44 pack yesterday. That pack is my little brother’s (14) go-to pack when we do overnight - weekend backpacking trips. It works for him because I pack a 70L Osprey pack and carry the 2P backpacking tent, cooking gear and most of the food in my pack.

Good reviews over at the mother ship:

Doesn’t look like a 40L backpack to me. Probably 70 or larger? Great price though.

Some of these pictures of the packs I have seen lately really are misleading (not saying this is intentional) and one of the reasons I think we need better images of the product. Just 2 or 3 good shots , maybe an inside shot and one with a person or Yardstick to give one a true idea of capability and sizing would be helpful. We really should not have to go running around to dig these facts and pictures uo when the ability to show us right here exists.

this looks so huuuge, but only 40L? Is it like a diameter of a power line pole?

Dimensions: 28"L x 12"W x 10.5"D


Front of pack:

Two compression straps along each side, plus a compression strap from the hood to the pack; there’s a mesh pocket on each side, with a little loop-thing. I usually carry water attached via carabiner to the loops.

Front pocket:
Divider inside; this fits my 1-quart liquid bag, a full-size bottle of contact solution, with significant room left over for other junk, er, useful stuff.

Front, hood removed:
Pack pulls shut with a drawstring, which I then tuck inside the pack, close the front hooks, and start tightening straps. This thing is really spacious: you can see how tall it can be.

Hood has a pocket with a little keychain thing. This is large enough that I often use it for dirty laundry for the first half of the trip or so. It comes off entirely if you want.

Inside:’s a flat pocket against the back that I find useful for my laptop or a folder of papers that I don’t want bent; there’s not much give to the pocket, which makes it nice to hold a laptop in the right position weight-wise.

The back:
bottom to top:
hip belt: fully adjustable (it should be wore around the belly button for best results; I grabbed a measuring tape: over my PJs, my waist is between 24-25" and this adjusts to that, but I’ve also worn it over a winter parka and adjusted it over that comfortably); hip belt is nicelypadded
shoulder straps, bottom: like any good pack, the length of the shoulder straps is easily adjustable after you’ve put it on by grabbing the ends and pulling
sternum strap: if you look closely, you can see that it slides along a little track, so you can position it higher or lower, depending on what’s comfortable for you. It adjusts in width, of course. (BTW, I popped it out of the little track once and was able to put it back in with some effort); I just noticed that there’s a little loop on it; could easily put something light on a carabiner
handle: there’s a handle
shoulder straps, top: again, like a high-quality pack, totally adjustable
tie-down straps: you can’t really see it here, but the straps holding down the hood are also adjustable in order to compress the load as much as possible.

Lumbar support:
Oooh, baby, look at that lumbar support! I researched for about a year before buying this Kelty pack; what really sold me on it was the lumbar support: far and away the best of any brand that I tried on.

Found a somewhat in depth review that might help some people decide if this is for them.

Also includes several pictures.

In for one. Been looking for something reasonably priced to build a BOB in case of disaster. This should do the trick.

So this is your zombie apocalypse bag? That’s it I’m in for one!