Kelty Coyote 80 Backpack - Java



Been waiting two days for a pack… S/M torso only. :frowning: Read the description before ordering. I’m glad I caught myself!


Always S/M…sigh…


Note that this is a S/M pack (14.5-18.5" torso). If it were a M/L (17.5-21")…

I almost bought it, but this beer belly cannot be contained by a mere S/M.


Goes to show you how important comment are here. I almost made the same mistake with s/m. Thanks! :slight_smile:


I too almost pulled the trigger since I’ve about given up on a M/L Kelty 50, but in true fashion, this one is also too small.


For those new to the sizing of backpacks:

To Measure Torso Fit Range: “Measure your torso length by bending your head forward so your chin touches your chest. Feel for the most prominent bump at the back of your neck. Now measure from that point down to an imaginary line connecting the tops of your hips around your back” (found )


Ahhhh!! Have been waiting for this all day. Right size but wrong color (almost bought the green a few days ago.) What do I do?


Poop. Finally decided to buy, hit the final submit button, and SOLD OUT! :frowning: