Kelty Essential Chair (2 Colors)

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Kelty Essential Chair (2 Colors)
Price: $21.99
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Condition: New


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A few Reviews over at eBags

How much do it weight?

On Amazon it says the item weight is 6.44 lbs. This doesn’t have a footrest like I’ve seen on some other similar folding chairs. I think I’ll pass on the deal.

Bought 2 of this chairs last time the were here and the recliner one very nice indeed the 3 of them BUT was a lil disappointed when the recliner one had the strap with the bottle opener and the other 2(the ones selling now) didn’t had nether strap to hook the bottle opener and no bottle opener at all :frowning: no big deal for a dollar but the ad states is included which was not.

6.4 pounds according to Amazon

2 colors

you can buy more than 1 chair

how do you buy a blue and a green, you have to place 2 separate orders?

Select “1”; Select color “Blue”, click “Add to Cart”.

Select “1”; Select color “Green”, click “Add to Cart”.

You should have two items in your cart 1 blue and 1 green and now all you have to do is check out.

Does it really support up to 300 lbs.
And what if one were to use it not occasionally just for camping or outdoor events, but for more frequent use, as an indoor chair in a dorm room or bedroom while at a desk, watching tv or while eating at a dining room or one of those portable, fold-up card tables??

Not sure where you are located but Menards has really good ones rated up to 500 lbs that are less than $50 when not on sale and closer to $35 ot $40 when on sale. They are durable and comfortable. Or you could check out destination XL but they tend to be a little more expensive.

The amount of people who dock the rating based on a bottle opener really bums me out. 'murica :confused:

4.2 out 5 stars is not bad at all just the false advertising upset ppl off.

This is advertised as coming with a bottle opener. I bought two and neither came with the bottle opener! What the heck Woot? Proof read before listing, or is false advertising your thing?

Ugh, sorry. Please email with your order info and issue; CS can review your available options.

Fastest shipping I’ve ever seen for a Woot buy, but yeah, no openers. Not sure it’s worth the hassle for a $.59 item (or 4 of them, in my case).