Kelty Frontier Mummy Inflatable Sleeping Pad

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Kelty Frontier Mummy Inflatable Sleeping Pad
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How does it “self-inflate”.

Does it Self UN-inflate?

Self inflating sleeping pads, like these, typically have a spongy foam (polyurethane) inside them that expands when the pad is unrolled. To “Un-inflate” them you open a valve and roll/ compress them.

Maybe this is semantics, but I take issue with two of the selling points:

  1. Accommodates mummy bags. Well of course it accommodates mummy bags. The sleeping bag goes on the pad. Anything you place the sleeping bag on will accommodate a sleeping bag. Even a piece of plywood would accommodate a mummy bag. Heck, the ground accommodates a mummy bag.

  2. “Lightweight”. This thing weighs over 2.5 pounds. I guess if you were lugging around the aforementioned plywood this might seem lightweight, but there are other pads out there that weigh far less.

Imma go finish my coffee now. Maybe that will make me less of a grump.



Dang. I thought it was a coffin. I need a new one.