Kelty Kitchen Sink



What’s with the bottle of nail polish remover in the background?


How can I use this on the golf course???


I thought the exact same thing.

This is really cool but I am not a camper. Too many bugs.


EXACTLY my thought…nail polish remover?



Seriously? A sink…?


So you can take everything with you! Even a portable sink!

And yeah, definitely looks like some nail polish remover in the background…


In for one. No more trying to wash grease off dishes in the tiny little camp bucket we’ve been using when car camping! It looks like it will even collapse nicely into the camp table we have so that should be fun.

Does it come with mystery nail polish remover, too, or is that picture a lie?


That bottle goes with the Kelty Mani-Pedi Camping Kit coming up next


Wondered the same thing myself!


I ordered one of these about a year ago, but the optional garbage disposal unit that I ordered along with it is STILL on back-order status. So I’m definitely an UNHAPPY camper!


Same here. I prefer a 4 or 5 star hotel with breakfast in bed. :slight_smile:


Kids from my high school used to wash their dishes with acetone all the time. It was no big deal.

I’ll also observe that its dual functionality – keeps your beers cold during the day, and then washes your dishes at night – is kind of appealing. In for 1, but only because this is probably a better gift idea than most of the stuff that I come up with. Holidays aren’t that far off…

And the Amazon Reviews are pretty positive – note that the $21.95 price is from an outside vendor and has $8 shipping on top. So $3 more than woot, ($8 if, like me, you already bought something today).

Edited: Looks like it’s actually only $0.50 more if you have Prime.


I just don’t understand why anyone would want this. The inside of that thing would get nasty after a few uses. If it was cheap and disposable…maybe.