Kelty Kite 25 Backpack

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Kelty Kite 25 Backpack
Price: $16.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Jan 06 to Tuesday, Jan 07) + transit
Condition: New


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Previous Similar Sales (May not be exact model)
9/24/2013 - $29.99 (Woot-off) - 1 comment(s)

Love my Kelty Kite 25! Will be my daily bag when I go back to work on Monday

Let’s check out the product page


Here is a pic that Thunderthighs took of the inside

If this is the same backpack as the infamous Backpack of Crap that sold out recently, then I’m in for 3! (just wish it was filled with more crap!) We love ours!

I, too, LOVE my woot kelty!!! Got it at the backback of crap sale day! It is perfect! Thank you!

So this is two dollars more and no crap included. Happy new year from woot…not.

If you are gonna complain about it, you should at least make sure woot doesn’t have the crap listed Somewhere Else

I only complain about failed hyperlinks. ROTFLMAO (UR welcome)

As someone who got one of those backpacks o’ crap, I can attest, it’s the same. Although the BoC I received has the woot! logo stitched into it.

If this one doesn’t then it’s worth the $2 increase.

Do you have any idea how easy it is to take embroidery off if you don’t like it? A pocket knife, scissors, exacto knife, or seam ripper would make short work of it. I haven’t decided if removing the woot! logo from my Blue Oyster Cult bag is worth the five to ten minutes of effort.

I didn’t really need the crap, but for the pack, I wish I had ordered at least one more. It’s a pretty solid-looking pack.

Wait… so this doesn’t turn into a kite? That’s worse than a rick-roll…

And risk tearing the pack not to mention that the ‘tight’ embroidery will definitely leave a ghost logo behind? And how do you propose getting the embroidered Kelty logo there which I do like.

Might not even be an issue on this if woot will guarantee that this pack will NOT have their advertising logo on this item (as the last product pic shows it to). Maybe they will reply here as they normally do.

ok woot…do these have the Woot logo or the Kelty logo?

Also, those that bought this, is it as huge as it looks in that last photo, or is that a micro-person wearing it?

Here’s a video of the pack (cheesy woot logo version)…


I would like to buy these as gifts for my friends for when they go “hiking” together as a group, so they would go more frequently. Their normal clothing sizes are 3X, 4X, and 5X. As in fat, not as in big. I was wondering if the straps are long enough, and whether these would be a good fit.

We can confirm that these packs have the Kelty logo, not the Woot logo. Kelty originally made the Kite 25 packs for Woot in both the Kelty logo and Woot logo, but they are the exact same packs otherwise. Again, these are Kelty branded packs.

These have the Kelty Logo, not the Woot logo as shown on the last image. That image was included to show relative size. The person wearing that pack is a small woman who is roughly 5’3" or so (my best guest).