Kelty Luggage

Going by the main photos, this is luggage for giants!

Does the chassis come with the Kelty Ascender Trunk Bag - Chestnut?

It does not. We’ll add that to the sale in a little bit. The chassis is for sale in the event though.

Does the chassis come with the Ascender or is that ordered separately?

Check out @TT’s post above yours. :slight_smile:

That being said, this sale is very misleading. The list price is the same as stated on the Kelty website (, however the bag comes with the chassis when purchased there.

I’m confused. Last time this sale happened they said that the 22 came with the frame chassis.

It doesn’t come with the trunk, but it comes with the ascender 22 i believe.

Is this confirmed?

The chassis is NOT included. Sorry.

Ok. It talks about the chassis in the features section. Maybe you should pull that out so it’s not confusing. Thanks.


Can this please be confirmed again. I just called Kelty and they said if the box weight is listed at 8.25 pounds (3.7kg), then the chassis has to be included. Otherwise, the weight would be too heavy.

The trunk bags and duffels do not include the frame chassis. The words (not included) have been added to the sale.

Sorry for the confusion.

I believe the chasis DOES come with the Ascender 22 but NOT with the other bags.
The descriptions for the Trunk & Duffel state NOT INCLUDED. The 8.25 pound 22 must include it, otherwise it would not be 8.25 pounds. Also “not included” was not added to the 22’s description.

I bought the Ascender 22 for the same price the last time they were on Woot. The chassis IS included with the Ascender 22.

This bag is AWESOME! I travel for work all the time and I get compliments on my bag from fellow travelers, flight attendants, pilots, etc. The bag (with chassis) fits in the overhead on most 737s (all Southwest planes). On some small “commuter” jets I’ve had to gate check it if it was going to be a full flight, but it usually fits.

I love it. Now…do I need to get one of the other bags…hmmm?

Could I get a clarification on which comes with and without the chassis? Specifically the Kelty Ascender 22 Expandable Carry-On Luggage. The trunk bags and duffels are referenced clearly in the posts but not the 22.

What color did you get? I like to travel pretty light and was thinking of maybe just getting the metroliner 30l. But if the ascender comes with the chassis that’s a pretty good deal too…

Wait, so what’s the verdict? Does the Ascender 22 come with the chassis because if it does, I just wasted money buying the chassis separate!?