Kelty Luggage

Does the ascender 22 come with a chassis or do you have to buy that separate?

Anyone have one of the big ones with the wheelie dealie? Any issues checking this on planes?

Yes, it is included.

When I try to find the sizes of the Large and X Large Kelty Portage Duffel Bags,Lichen, all it shows is cubic inches. Given that I pack clothes and not cubic inches, it would be nice to know the dimensions. Pass


I’ve been waiting for a sale on these! Great price and just picked up 2x22" plus the 2 of the larger backpacks.

Really a great buy :)))

@cmichael258: For comparison, the 22" expandable Ebags roller, which is one of the largest expandable carryons I know of, is just over 3100 cu in.

I think it’s time for a suitcase of crap. Just sayin’.

ahem… take a look at the specs tab

I would like to ask the same question. Is the chassis included or not?

Anyone know which of these are carry-onable? I mean legitimately no-problem fits in wheel first (not "I’m gonna stand here and try wedging my oversized roller case in sideways while the entire plane full of passengers waits in the aisle behind me, then when the stewardess tells me I’ll have to check it exclaim “NO IT’LL FIT, I CARRY THIS ON ALL THE TIME”).

I have similar concerns. From the few reviews I can find it sounds like it will fit overhead on standard 737s and up (not sure which direction), but probably not on smaller commuter jets and 757s.

When I fly (out of Des Moines) on United I’m on pretty small planes. On Southwest and Delta I’m on standard 737s.


Confirmed above, chassis is included!

Hasn’t the idea of the luggage cart came and went? And with a tubular alum design, it seems to be guaranteed to be dented and bent very soon after being used as a checked in luggage.

Carry-on size is 22" x 14" x 9"

Do the sides of the Bremen stand up by themselves for packing?

Nevermind. It does. I found a video in Youtube.

I suppose it depends how well it’s made. This seems like a well made piece and the structural design looks to be sound.

The initial reviews I’ve seen are good, but only time will tell.

Plus, there is lifetime warranty :slight_smile:

And you didn’t share!!!?!???!? :omg:

I started a job a couple of months ago where I’m traveling 50-75% of the time. I learned very quickly how to pack lighter than I thought possible. Carry-on only is the way to go when you can.

I ordered an Ascender 22. Hope it gets here before I head out again!

Just got my two 22" Ascenders plus the 30L backpacks.

They all appear well made and sturdy. The plastic buckles I am a little suspicious of, but the rest is rock solid. Time will tell.

A little smaller than I expected, but it should fit in the overhead bin OK. Lots of zippers.

The Metroliners are also smaller than I thought. Wish they were expandable outwards. But with their well thought-out compartments, they should be sufficient as companions to the 22".

Overall, very happy with these, particularly at this price :slight_smile: