Kelty Luggage

PLEASE BRING THIS ITEM BACK SOON!!! I waited too long and when I went on to purchase the Bremen, the sale had ended… DANG IT!!!

How has the shipping time been for this product? I ordered a few pieces and they have been listed as “shipping now” for two full business days… getting nervous that they might not make it by when I needed them. Also, does woot ship on weekends, or shut down till Monday. Thanks.

Unless otherwise selected, standard shipping is normally 3-5 business days from the sale (sometimes much sooner). I would recommend that if you don’t see any tracking updates to your order by January 30th, to let us know.

Thank you. My word of the day is “patience”. Woot rocks as always, I will take a deep breath and sit by the door until it gets here.

Keep us posted on your travel experiences with this bag.