Kelty Noah's Tarp Shelter

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Kelty Noah’s Tarp Shelter
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Poles not included?

According to the Kelty site, “Staff Poles sold separately”

Nope. No poles :frowning:

I keep a collapsible trek poll in my BOB that can be used for that purpose. Not as tall as the expandable poles (which I have but don’t pack unless I’m in the car and know I’ll use’em. All one has to do is tie it off to two trees (this is where your 550 cord comes in handy) but what I have tried and it works is the new “kevlar” string (it’s just heavy duty kite string with a 300+lb test takes up less room, lighter and you can carry more of it.

One of the pictures shows the bag that holds the 12foot tarp, this tarp is the 16ft tarp.

This is a great deal for the size. These are noticeably heavier than ultralight backpacking tarps meant to be used as shelters instead of tents, but quite a bit tougher and less than half the price of those as well. If you take care of these, they will last you many years.

These work very well as a sunshade over a car-camping site that doesn’t have a lot of natural shade, and they’re pretty easy to set up using either trees or by adding some poles. You can even use your car as a tie-point if needed.

If you want to play around with it a little more, you can use a set of trekking poles setup toward the middle, then stake the four corners close to the ground around them to create a “tent” of sorts for better weather protection.

Also, if this came with the poles, it would be called a tent, not a tarp. You can pick up 4’-8’ adjustable poles at a retailer near you for around $12 or so. Or use it with trekking poles if you already have a set.