Kelty PVC-Free Portable Airbed with Pump

OK reviews over at amazon

What’s the advantage of being PVC free?

Looks an awful lot like this sale, however now $10 cheaper!

I was curious, too. Found this:

PVC is a deadly toxic substance, so any way you can do without it, helps.

PVC airbeds stretch. Because of this, the airbed won’t hold consistent pressure. The material also thins over time causing weakspots and holes. It’s funny many airbed manufacturers still choose PVC over a reinforced or better material. I’m told it is cheaper, but I guess it also insures that the consumer will need to continue purchasing more airbeds and not have something that lasts.

Anybody have this (or similar from Kelty) that can address if the pump works while it is plugged up to the wall? I had one bed that ONLY worked if you charged up the pump for several hours before you used it, and DID NOT work if it was plugged in. Therefore, ‘spur of the moment’ house guests were out of luck if we hadn’t used the thing for a while…

That is not even remotely true.

You might be confused that VCM (Vinyl Chloride Monomer) is a toxic substance, but forgot that this is an intermediate in PVC production and it is not present in any PVC product nor is any of it released during PVC production.

does this air mattress have a “fabric” top on sleeping area are is it all the same cold plastic type all over. i had one that had a “felt” type fabric on sleeping area.

looks like that was answered on amazon

The adapter just charges the battery, it doesn’t run the pump, so you’ll have to charge up ahead of time.

No, it does not have a felt or cloth top… it’s very slippery… but got use to that fast. Great bed that lasts forever with no holes!

Once I experienced the AeroBed, I can hardly consider any alternatives. (Plus, my family lost their minds at how solid, high, and adjustable that AeroBed was. Now I own three. Jesus.)

I was wondering about whether there’s an Aerobed comparable to this air mattress – something that could be used for camping at a site with no electricity. This Kelty weighs less than 7 lbs., and seems pretty compact to transport, but granted it’s only a few inches high. I was thinking an Aerobed might be easier to get up from.