Kelty Queen Size Sleep Eazy Air Bed

What’s the maximum weight it can accommodate?

Previous woot $79.99, vs. $69.99 now:

Forget the actual bed, I would pay serious money for a recording of “Kelty Queen”! Major props to the Woot parody department on this one.

Pretty good deal. Even USED, it’s about $70 on, not including shipping. I’d buy one of these if I cared for my guests. Or had a lot of them (maybe it’s because I don’t care about them? :stuck_out_tongue: ).

If I recall correctly, this had been $99.99 before that, so this is a substantial discount even off of that initial offering. For those interested, I recall there being a rather in depth discussion on these beds last time around, including discussion of the pumping system, which is electric only and non-interchangable w/ a manual system. While I wouldn’t necessarily purchase this for outdoor excursions (what with the severe shortage of tree mounted electrical infrastructure facing our nation) I did just pick up two for use at home and in the back of the crossover for those drive-in movie nights w/ the kids.

Kelty Product Description

The name makes me think of The Simpson’s:

Seems like a great deal. I’d get one for the little one that sometimes spends the night, but she jumped on the last one until it popped, so it’s a no go for me right now.

I use mine to put on top of my “sleep sofa” mattresses, which are too thin. I have no complaints from guests since I do this, and it beats leaving them an a floor, where it does get cold, and difficult to rise from.

… name that song?