Kelty Red Cloud 110 Backpack

I don’t know why I’m constantly tempted to buy backpacks. I don’t hike, go camping, or have any need for a backpack that isn’t designed for laptops. But I still want them, I think I have a problem.

This is a great price for a 110 backpack. If anyone wants to get into multi-day hikes this is a pretty good pack to start with.

$154.95 @ amazon
$108.99 @ woot

so i assume 110L is with all the pockets etc. whats the volume of the main bag?

I hear ya. I keep teling my self that I’m going to need one when my boys are older and we do more things with scouts. I’m always wanting to get one for when I’ll need it in five years. Haven’t pulled the trigger yet though. This one gets passed over because of reason and the fear that it might actually be pink when I open the box.

I think the desire to buy backpacks is turning into an epidemic as I myself, and a few others I know, suffer from this same affliction.

Pink wouldn’t be bad, hard to lose. Kelty makes great packs that won’t wear out under any normal conditions. They back their products too.

I wish I had gotten in on the smaller Kelty from a few days ago. This would be nice too but it’s out of budget for me.