Kelty Redwing 44 Backpack



I own this pack and I love it. Wish I needed another.


Happy to see it has somewhere to put my ice axe. That is one of the first things I look at when I need a new backpack.


Awesome looking backpack that gets good reviews but considering there is a bare hard frame against your spine there are safety issues with this pack in case you fall wearing it.

Read it here:

I guess I’m chock full of good news tonight.
Sorry Woot.


I’m STILL waiting on the 50L.


Bought this, haven’t tested it out yet.
Previous woot:

Previous comment: It’s still $49.99


I’ve used this pack as my carry on for two flights and it has served me well.


I just wish it was available in other colors. I missed out on it the last time it was available.


I’ve got one of the Kelty Avocets… but this pack is “Internet Famous” - as reviewed by the one and only NutnFancy… repeatedly.
Review #1 where it scores an epic 10 out of 10 on the "likability scale"

Review #2 like - omg - a single 4 hour review wasnt enough?
Review #3 - reviewed in multicam color
review #4 - sub zero adventure

you will never get these minutes of your life back, but with the Kelty Redwing… you can at least carry stuff while the minutes tick away.

So awesome.


Can this pack be used outdoors for backpacking? Yes, it can. But it is better as a travel pack. It’s kind of like having a small suitcase on your back - the front panel opens just like rolling luggage, give you access to all your stuff at once. Backpacking packs don’t do that. It’s almost perfectly sized to be a carry-on; at least you can get away with this pack just about every time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this pack for travel, but for backpacking in the outdoors I’d suggest something made specifically for that rather than this competent hybrid.

In regards to the amazon review: the metal stay (“frame member” is strange language) can be bent into whatever position you want. If it’s uncomfortable then simply bend it to the shape you like. Or remove it. As for falling with this metal stay - seriously, all packs that can handle weight have metal stays or frames. They aren’t padded and they could just as easily poke through the fabric during a fall as this Redwing pack. I’ve been involved in the outdoor world for more than 20 years and I’ve NEVER heard of this happening. Maybe in an avalanche or rock climbing accident, but those are not what this pack is made for.

The water bottle pockets: yes, the reviewer is right, it would be tough to use the mesh pockets for water bottles if you have the upper pockets filled. But since this pack is hydration compatible (meaning you can use a water reservoir - like a camelbak) then having water bottle pockets isn’t essential. Plus, if the pack is actually used for travel instead of backpacking, then having a water bottle in the pocket isn’t vital - just stick it inside the pack.

Please don’t be put off by this pack because of this one reviewer. Their opinion counts, of course, but it doesn’t give an accurate picture of what this pack is designed to do, and how well it does it.


One more thing: hardly anybody ever feels the metal frame. I’ve fit this pack for multiple people and maybe one person mentioned they could feel it.


I picked up the kelty avocet 30 a while back and it’s a great size for taking to the lake for a weekend however I wish it weren’t top loading (why is it that the thing you need is ALWAYS at the bottom?) I’d like to get this one because of the panel loading and zippered pockets, but I really wish it weren’t blue.


I’ve got the kelty 40 woot sold previously. Since both packs can be used like duffle bags I was thinking I could get the 44 and use it as my main carry on, take the support strap off the 40 and use it as my second carry on.

Now I’ve got a huge amount of space with no checked bags…IN YOUR FACE CAPITALIST (AIRLINE) PIGS!..

Does that sound like it will work well?


Hmmm I wonder if spray paint voids the lifetime warranty.


Just did two days/nights on the AT two weeks ago using this pack. Bought it during the last Woot offering.
I downsized from my Kelty Redwing 50.

Love the Redwing design. Bombproof and
Well designed.


I bought this from Woot a few months back, and it is the best backpack I have ever owned. Very well made, tough fabric, with lots of compartments for organizing and distributing weight. I used it as a carry on for a trip to Italy this summer, and it was terrific for that purpose. I took the hip belt off while traveling by air so it was easier to stash under the seat or in the overhead. You will not feel the internal frame at all, it is so well padded. Not sure what another poster was referring to, but I can’t imagine how you could possibly hurt yourself with this thing. If you need nice, versatile backpack that will last for years, don’t hesitate!!


Agreed. I like this pack alot but would prefer a 50L in the green color. One of Keltys better packs on the market. So why can’t we choose the color and frame sizing for this pack on here?


Hello, does anyone know if this pack is waterproof or not? It doesn’t say, which makes me think it isn’t. But I have a hard time believing a nice pack like this wouldn’t be waterproof. Thanks for any input.

(By “waterproof,” I don’t mean “I can submerge it in a lake for 14 hours and everything inside will still be dry,” I mean “It can rain pretty much all day and my clothes will still be dry.”)


I agree with everything charisboof said. Don’t be put off by the review about water bottle and the frame member on your spine.

I have this pack, then sold it for the larger version. You will not hurt your spine if you fall on it.

Also, the side pockets are the MAJOR reason I got this bag. When traveling, I have cameras, batteries, food, and lots of other bulky items that do not fit into flat compartments well. So the side pockets are perfect. I’m usually using a small water bottle when traveling anyways. At the least, you get to choose whether to use the side pocket for water bottle or “stuff”. Other side pocket designs don’t give you that option - it’s either water bottle or storage, not both.

Anyways, it’s an awesome bag.


I don’t think so. Usually they come with their own little rain jackets that go over the whole pack if they’re waterproof.