Kelty Redwing 44 Internal Frame Backpack

Bought one last week. It is a fantastic backpack. Well built and very roomy, lots of space to put all your junk.

Easily a good deal…would still be a good pack at twice the cost.

It’s a backpack arms race… first the 30 (which I bought), then the 40, and now the 44. Are they topping out, or will they shoot back up to the 50s and 60s later in the Woot-off?

Awfully tempted, but the color…

The color threw me off a bit, too, but bought it anyway. I can say that the actual color in normal lighting indoor/outdoor is much less, uh, “neon” looking than the picture on Woot. It’s a slightly muted royal blue.

Bought it last week while it was up. Great pack! Took it backpacking this weekend. Holds a lot more than you think and great compression! My petite GF tried it on and it was too big so small women or maybe men beware. I’m a big guy and it fit great and is very adjustable. Well built. Don’t worry about the color guys, it doesn’t look girly at all. As someone else said is similar to royal blue, not a powder blue. Good pack for the price and super well made!

I took this pack on a three week trek through a lot of Europe. It was the only bag I brought with me, and it worked GREAT! It’s holds so much stuff, but was still considered a carry-on for planes. Never had to check it.

I’m wondering how well this would work for college. The hip belt in particular would make carrying textbooks much easier.

I’ve owned one of these for about 6 months now. Used it for college classes and weekend trips and I’ve loved it for both. Very comfortable pack, but like it was said above, it is too big for smaller frames.

I stayed up until 6 this morning looking to get one of these… Damnit… Only a few hours more :frowning: