Kelty Redwing 50 (4 Color Options)



Great reviews on Amazon!


I have the M/L of these and it is SOLID. And very roomy. As in, it can fit a rolled up sleeping bag, a two person tent, a thermos, a spare change of clothes and some other random doo-dads. Very rugged and wouldn’t hesitate to buy again if I needed to.


I bought the smaller Kelty Redtail 30 at a higher price earlier this year and it’s an amazing pack. This is basically a larger version of the Redtail so if the large size is what you’re looking for don’t hesitate to buy one.


Product website, 5 reviews, 4 were 5 star, one 2 star (zipper gets caught on rain flap):

4.3 stars 24 reviews, $109.95

$74.95-79.95 with video review on their page:

zappos review:


Also evident that Woot’s price is about 30-35% discount. But still… I really wish I could justify this. I love it.


oh man, i wanted the kelty 50 but all woot had was the 40, which I got and haven’t used. Now I am going to end up with 50 and 40


:frowning: where were these color options when woot sold the light blue one?


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This seems to be just right on the border of many airline’s allowable carry-on luggage size, which is around 24x16. Many other carriers has even more restrictive limit of 22x14, which this would definitely be over the limit. Don’t want to have to be forced to check in the bag while boarding.


The wait paid off. Been waiting for a pack like this for months. Now I’ll get it. Can’t find one negative review for this thing, and the videos on YouTube really do wonders to show off exactly the quality of these things. I can’t wait to put it to use next year.


The quality of Kelty can’t be beat. They have a well-earned reputation for making outstanding products and their customer service is excellent: if you have a problem, they’ll make it right. I now have four Kelty packs - two from Woot, two pre-Woot - and my favorite feature is the lumbar support: by far the best out of any brand that I tried on before purchasing my first pack.

The two Kelty packs that I purchased from woot were both front-loading, like the Redwing. I’ve been surprised by how much I like the organization; the front pockets are intelligently designed and the front flap-top cinches (which I doubted) are fantastic.

For a longer trip, I prefer the top-loaders, but for a day trip or commuting - these front loaders are great.


If you have some questions about this pack just ask me and I will be more then happy to help you. I have used these packs offten over the years and have lots of experiance with them.

Here are some VARY in depth reviews/discussion of the Redwings. Although these 2 videos are vary long and do look at other packs for comparison purposes and philosophy I think anybody who watches them will be MUCH more knowledgeable about what they can expect and the limitations form the Kelty Redwing.

Part 1

Part 2


The only complaint with these packs is that you’ll never have an excuse to upgrade/replace them…they just don’t quit. Mine is 12+ years old, has been all over the world and still looks and functions wonderfully.


I use a backpack to carry my 15" laptop to and from work and it needs to be replaced. Can this do double duty?


I have used this model for two and three day hikes on the Appalachian Trail. Love it.
Kelty has made the Redwing for years with only minor changes…A very well designed and built pack.


My Redwing 2650 has seen over 100,000 miles between planes and the back of a motorcycle. I’ve had it for 8 years now and so far the only issue is 1 side pouch zipper broke. The buckles are all really sturdy, which is usually what breaks first for me.



I have an earlier version of this pack and it is a great carryon. Fits under seat or overhead as long as you dont have it packed to the max. A little long for under seat, just leave a little room at the top.


I just do not know why they put the redwing 44(smaller) a week ago in the same price and I bought one.