Kelty Shrike 32 Daypack

…fighter of the nightpack

Champion of the sun!

It’s a master of hiking and friendship for everyone!

On other websites the Jade color appears green and the Jewel color looks like the turquoise color you show.


Amazon $89.95

backcountryedge $71.95

How much bigger is the Men’s size than the Women’s size? How much weight can this carry?

Since my backpack experience is primarily the simple model of a single layer of material with one front pocket (à la Jansport), I don’t recognize some of the listed features. What do the following mean?

Hydration compatible
Panel loading
Reservoir sleeve
Side compression straps
Daisy Chain

Suspension Features:

HDPE frame sheet
Ventilating backpanel
Wicking back panel (non-sweat absorbent?)
Removable webbing waistbelt (is this similar to the sternum strap, but at the waist?)

Hydration compatible - You can but a camelback or other hydration blader inside and it is fitted so you can run the tube to the outside of the pack.
Panel loading - self explanitory. Instead of loading your gear through just the top IE top loading packs, you have load your gear into different panels IE pockets.
Reservoir sleeve - the place you will be putting your hydration bladder.
Side compression straps - these are the buckles on the side of the pack that allow you to tighten down whats inside your pack. This helps you while you hike because it stops your gear from moving around.
Daisy Chain- Used for attaching things to the outside of your pack just like molli webbing. In this pack you can also use some of it as a handle for your pack so that you can lift it up from the front of the pack.

HDPE frame sheet - Read this,
Ventilating backpanel - allows wind to slide though the back of the pack so that you don’t keep moisture between your pack and yourself.
Wicking back panel- refers to the back panels ability to keep moisture off of you though mesh webbing.
Removable webbing waistbelt - yes. It’s just saying you can remove the waist belt.

Men’s specs from Kelty site:
Length: 22 in / 56 cm
Width: 13 in / 33 cm
Depth: 12.5 in / 31 cm
Volume: 2000 in3 / 33 L
Weight: 2 lb 3 oz / 1 kg
Suspension: One Size

Women’s specs from Kelty site:
Length: 22 in / 56 cm
Width: 13 in / 33 cm
Depth: 12.5 in / 31 cm
Volume: 2000 in3 / 33 L
Weight: 2 lb 2 oz / 0.9 kg
Suspension: One Size

Looks like they are the exact same size, just more “Manly” or “Womanly” colors and hold 33 Liters worth of stuff. Women’s pack also looks to have a small flower embroidered on it.

Actually the difference is in the shoulder straps. Women packs are tapered away from the neck.

Typically with Kelty, the suspension is different on the women’s models even if the packs are designed for the same torso size. Personally, I find the women’s suspension to be significantly more comfortable than the men’s, enough so that I’ve passed up several Kelty packs on woot, but your preference may depend on your size; I’m pretty small and have back problems, so it makes a difference to me.

In both men’s and women’s packs, the suspension frames can be - and should be - reshaped to fit your body.

I didn’t know the suspension is different as well. Good to know. I guess it’s due to the fact that I never hiked with one. Good to know. Thanks

Is there a special way to do this? Heat the plastic panel with a hairdryer?

For most backpacks the Major difference is color and marketing. But… some women’s packs have narrower shoulder pads and/or shorter hip belts.

Only 1 ice pick loop? and it is not a rip off loop? When I am stuck freeclimbing on ice walls, I usually don’t have time to take off my backpack and take off the ice pick. I want to grab the handle and tear it free from the backpack. Plus, I don’t want to pull one out and the other one falls 5000’ down. I need the other one to be there once the other hand is free.

You just bend the stay to fit your body. It’s just aluminum so its really easy. I think thats what he is referring to.

Do you have any packs you recommend for such an activity. I do some repealing but never did an ice wall. Sound like a blast. Maybe I will do something like that in January on my next winter hiking trip.

I thought he was referring to the frame sheet which is made of HDPE (high density polyethylene = plastic).


We removed this sale (sold it out) temporarily until we can resolve the color issue. We don’t want to sell the wrong item to you.

As soon as the buyers can get to the office in the morning and verify which color we have for sale, we will restart the sale.

So it’s not sold out, it’s just on hold.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



It is showing in its correct color of Jade or what I refer to as Green.

If you ordered this earlier thinking you were getting blue and can’t stand the idea of a green backpack, you can email to cancel your order.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Those are not removable in the kelty packs. At least on any I know of. However the stays are and the are often explained on how to do so with the paper work that comes with the pack. If it’s anything like the Kelty redwing it just comes out by lifting the packs upper portion over where the hydration bladder goes and you just remove the Velcro strap and the stay comes right out.


This is my Kelty Redwing 44 in java color.

This is how to take out the stay

After you open the main conpartment you roll over the top.

Proced to open the Velcro that is now visable.

Now just open that last bit of Velcro that holds the stay and you can remove it.

Sorry for the crud pictures. I just thought a visual might help explain what I was trying to say.