Kelty Shrike 32 Daypack

Two days ago, woot offered the Kelty Avocet 30 and I posted some extensive reviews, including how wonderful the lumbar support is, pictures with a tour (some of the features are similar to this pack), and information about waterproofing (short version: the fabric and zippers are treated to be quite waterproof, although if you’re hiking in a rain forest, you’ll want a rain cover). I won’t repeat that information here, unless someone request some clarification or elaboration, which I’m happy to provide to the best of my knowledge. I don’t own this pack (well, I kinda don’t own it: I mean, I guess I own it now, but I can’t post reviews of it until woot ships it to me!), but I own two different Kelty packs, purchased after about a year of research at non-woot prices, and I really love them. Absolutely top-notch bags. If people have questions about Kelty, I’ll do my best to answer them given that I don’t yet have this specific pack in my possession. :slight_smile:

I own the Kelty Women Courser 40 in Jade. Here’s a lousy picture of the colors:
And here’s a lousy close-up of the colors that is a little less washed out:
(BTW, Kelty bags really do clean up perfectly with a washcloth and water. I just haven’t bothered since the last time that I used the bag!)

No, usually it is all ice or rocks, so ice pick is always used. But with the warming, many of the lower section has to be climbed freehand, and when we hit the ice section, got to grab the ice picks.

Nice post!

Sorry but that didn’t really answer my question.

this one doesn’t have a alum stay, looks like it is just a plastic sheet. Anyway, the plastic sheet is easily removed by curving it somewhat so it is smaller than the velcro opening on top, and you slight it up. This plastic sheet is soft, so there is no heating up or anything. It will just form the the curvature of your back, but at the same time, could deform by the weight of the bag.

HDPE = plastic.

answer was no, no specific pack recommended. But want to look for one with a ripcord ice pick loops

From the video I posted it looks like its compatible with it though. I don’t own this pack so ill take your word for it.

Ok thank you. I misunderstood your answer.

oh, it is time to replace my old Adidas backpack, this one seems better , i like its design


It is showing in its correct color of Jade or what I refer to as Green.

If you ordered this earlier thinking you were getting blue and can’t stand the idea of a green backpack, you can email to cancel your order.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Anyone know where this pack is made?

Any idea how this would be appropriate for a bike commuter? (I don’t like messenger bags.)

Can anyone confirm this pack lacks an aluminum internal stay (in addition to the plastic sheet)?

We checked with the vendor. It has a HPDE frame sheet but no aluminum bay.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for your help, digitalurbancamo – great information!

By the way,
Key fob (key chain? removable?)
Carry handle (is this different from the usual hook loop at the top of the backpack? how so)

The other Kelty Pack the other day, the Avocet 30, was, I think, $29.99. This is $10 more. Is this one $10 better? What’s a reason to buy this over the Avocet 30?

Anyone mind telling me why this is worth $10 more than the avocet?

The Avocet was top loading, and (I think) had only one large storage compartment (not including the hydration pack slot). This one has additional pockets for sorting stuff, and the external mesh bottle pockets. In other words, more features. :slight_smile:

I don’t know what Keltys are like (just ordered this one, yay), but in other backpacks I’ve used the key fob is just an easily accessible hook for your keys so you don’t have to dig through your stuff to find them.

REI’s reviews put this as a 2010 pack (although I don’t know if that was only for the color listed on its website or what). It earned 3.8 out of 5 stars in four reviews. I was more excited before I read them…

Those weren’t such bad reviews. The negative parts were mostly about the cost but one would assume they paid retail (or one poster indicated they got it on sale) as opposed to the Wootprice.

IMO, the price it’s being offered is commensurate w/ the quality.

In for 1.

I do day hikes, but mostly to get places to draw or paint - I’m looking for a bag that I can put a sketch book and pencils, or a small pochade box in. Can it handle a 10x12 box or notepad, and a smaller box with some pencils in it? How about with the hydration bladder installed?

33 liters is a lot of space, but if it’s not structured right, then the bag won’t work.


Kelty tends to make small adjustments and/or color changes to its lines every few years. The women’s pack is on sale on their website (for around $68; I didn’t check for shipping costs), so I wouldn’t be surprised if they are liquidating the 2010 colors by selling them to woot at a deep discount.