Kelty Sleep Eazy PVC-Free Queen Airbed

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Kelty Sleep Eazy PVC-Free Queen Airbed
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4.8 Stars over at eBags

moved into an apartment on one of these and never bothered get a real bed. last 2 years until i got a girlfriend

I sure wish there was a statistic of the weight limitation on this bed.

I bought one of these a few years ago and it stays completely inflated unlike many other air mattresses that deflate significantly. My brother complained when he said it was too stiff so he slept on the couch instead! And he weighs about 250 lbs.

The only problem I have with it (or maybe I just got a dud) is that you can’t use the air pump when it’s plugged into the wall. You have to wait for it to charge to use it. We found that out the hard way when I had family visit and didn’t blow up the mattress until they were ready for bed and the pump hadn’t been charged… Other than that it’s great air mattress.

I’d say still use the airbed; my last girlfriend was kinda lumpy.

LOL, that’s a brilliant quality post.

What exactly is the sport here?


I had one of these, it was great. lasted quite a few years before it stopped holding air. The bag that comes with it is great. I paid significantly less on clearance at Target, though. I’d rather pay that.

Camping, or car camping? You can bring your entire bedroom set if you’re car camping.

Anyone know the maximum weight capacity? May want to use this next time my wife, daughter, and I camp out.