Kelty Trail Ridge Tents with Footprint

These are more expensive than tents that typically show up on Woot!, but for very good reasons. We use these in Boy Scouts and they last through years of abuse and rough situations. The construction materials are excellent, and comparatively light weight. The rain fly goes all the way down the side of the tent, keeping you dry in severe storms. Vestibules to keep wet stuff outside of the tent yet protected from the elements is a great addition.

I second that these are very high quality tents. The rainfly covering the sides of Kelty tents had me and my gear dry when others were desperately trying to wring out their bedding. The aluminum rods are sturdy and had me set up in just a few minutes. I’m trying to get up the willpower to finally throw out my Trail Dome after many years. It met it’s doom to some ravens that invaded the campsite and decided my tent would be a great perch, and their claws sliced right through the rainfly. If you are in the market for a quality tent, buy a Kelty!